The Importance of Installing Pigeon Barrier

Why using Pigeon Barrier is the best option

Plant protection is very important to every farmer whether the crop is grown on a large scale or otherwise. Gardeners who grow crops normally attacked by birds need to be prepared before the crops reach the stage where birds feed on them. Pigeon barrier helps to prevent birds from attacking crops. The nets are sturdy and can prevent birds from coming in contact with crops.
Proper protection is needed to produce better quality crops with little or no wastage. This increase in productivity as a result of proper crop protection has its own benefits. It leads to less water, land, and labor being needed for producing food crops. It also benefits the environment too. Since less land is being used, biodiversity is preserved and the greenhouse gases emitted into the environment is reduced. In addition, crop protection ensures that more fruits are produced and also distributed to shops and markets in a good state. This helps to keep the price of food item down and ensure that consumers get fresh and healthy foods to buy. Birds can cause severe damage to crops by feeding on them. This can cause significant loss to the farmer and land wastage.

pigeon barrier nets installed over an orchard
Pigeon barriers are nets used to keep birds off buildings, monuments and even crops and orchards.
pigeon barriers installed on a balcony to keep birds off
Pigeon barrier nettings installed on balconies and terraces or roofs will prevent any unwanted bird off our living areas, helping improve the hygiene.

Many gardeners neglect the use of protection for personal reasons. Some choose not to use pigeon barrier because they consider it to be an added cost. The barrier can save gardeners from losing their crops to pigeon attack. This bird barrier can save gardeners from losing their investment to bird attack. If gardeners decide not to use protection for their fruit and vegetable crops, the choice of food available to buyers at the local level will be less. It will also affect global yield thus leading to food shortage. Areas which suffer less attack from birds will have more food than those that do. Foodstuff will also be sold at exorbitant prices and have questionable freshness.

Things to know before establishing Pigeon Barriers

The best and most effective way to keep pigeons away from the garden is to install pigeon barrier net. The barrier should be sturdy and properly installed to protect the crops from pigeon attack. There are many ways one can achieve this and ensure that all crops are properly protected. Before establishing the barrier, gardeners should know that established pigeons will fight and try to destroy any type of barrier used especially if it is a common nesting site for them. In such conditions, the pigeons have to be removed before installing the barriers. Another important thing gardeners planning to install pigeon barrier should consider is the timing. The barrier has to be established at the right time before damages are carried out. These barriers are very effective when installed correctly. It is one of the best ways to cultivate crops in a healthy state, free from bird attacks.

bird and pigeon barriers installed on a roof
City roofs are breeding and living grounds for birds; installing a pigeon barrier one can avoid these animals from soiling our spaces.

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