The black netting is less visible than the white netting. Find the reasons right away

The black netting is the most popular. It is usually considered the heaviest duty net and the most economic.

On the contrary the white net is generally more expensive and preferred when compared to the black one for its aesthetic characteristics.

But, as a matter of fact, the black netting is less visible than the white netting.

White and Black: perception of color. Why a black netting is less visible than the white netting

The world is colored thanks to the light and the way we perceive it.  In fact color appears only where there is light. Also the perception of shape, and depth are closely related to color perception.

The light is composed of electromagnetic waves spreading around at 300,000 kilometers per second. This means that our eyes react to the impact of energy rather than to the matter itself.

So, the colors are the results of what we perceive. We are able to see only the wavelengths that are reflected off the surface of our world.

When light involves an object, some of the wavelengths of light are absorbed and others are reflected. We are actually able to catch only the wavelengths that have been reflected. Combinations of wavelengths that reach our eyes create the different perceptions of color.

The black netting is less visible than the white netting
With the black net in comparison of the white net is less visible, for the composition of the net and the color.

In other words color is not a feature of the real world, but the complex result of the effect of light on the perceptual system. Color vision is therefore a complex phenomenon involving many factors such as light, eye / brain relationships, “absorption and reflection” and “refraction” interactions (linked to the structure and the different chemical composition of the matter) and also genetic factors that can affect the chromatic sensations perceived by a person.

In case of the colors white and black, here is what happens.

Beige Shade net
According to the composition of the black net, it absorbs all the colors of white light.

An opaque body, that is, not transparent, absorbs much of the light that illuminates it and reflects a smaller part of it. When the body absorbs all the colors of white light, the object appears black. When it reflects all the colors in the spectrum, the object appears white.

Black is the color corresponding to the visual impression that is experienced when no visible light reaches the eye.

What we perceive as a black is actually the absence of light, at least in the range of spectrum we humans can see. White is the opposite. It is the union of all the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that we can perceive (light). The substances that reflect them all appear white.

Finally, those objects that reflect only certain frequencies, appear colorful.  Each surface, receiving and absorbing sunlight at some frequencies and reflecting others, appear to be of some color.

In evaluating a color comes into play also the perceptual context.

These principles of theory of light explain why some materials appear to be more transparent than others.

A black netting is made out of pigments that absorb light rather than reflect it. A black net, like any other black surface, absorbs all the incident radiation. There is no reflection.

When we compare the white with the black netting in term of transparency, the background of a black mesh is actually more visible.

That means that our eyes are able to see better through a black fence then through a white one.

In fact the visible color of any surface depends on the capacity of the observer to elaborate that part of the light that has been reflected from the object.

So even if a white mesh seems to be clearer, in reality, the white material provokes our eyes to process the light and so the colors. In case of the black fence, that does not reflect any weighwaves, there is no color elaboration and it turns like the net is transparent.

Advantages of a black netting mesh

OBAMALLA in cropfield
The black net are more resistant and durable as the net absorb the radiation of the light.

A black netting is more durable, mainly because it is able to absorb all the radiations of light. So it is less sensitive to degradation.

Of course UV treatments also help to enhance the life of the material. A good shade net must be guaranteed for great resistance and durability.

Another desirable feature of the black netting is that, absorbing the radiations, the heat that is trapped into its fabrics is slowly released during the night when temperature decreases, maintaining constant level of temperature and relative humidity throughout the 24 hours.

The black net has a major capacity of absorbing the light, that is good if we are looking for a high degree of shade. This is a required characteristic in very hot climates or during certain hours a day when the light is very intense.

These features are very important especially when the black netting is using in open fields or in greenhouses or shadehouses to protect crops that are very sensitive to the excess of light.

In addition, evidently, long lasting materials are more economical and convenient. They can be reutilized on several cycles of production, reducing general material expenses.

On the other hand the fact that the back netting is less visible than a white netting is an appreciated feature, especially in certain applications.

For instance, it is desirable that the bird net is as much aesthetic as possible. In fact it is often used to cover buildings, some of them of historical interests, such as monuments, to protect them from the damages of the pigeons. In environmental areas, such as wild animals reserves, the black netting is often used as pond netting.

When the fence netting is placed to protect the perimeter of a pool of a leisure area, it is advisable to choose the black color, because it permits to see through it. The general visual impact is inferior than using a white net. In fact the black netting is less visible than the white netting.

Black netting tend to blend better with the environment. For this reason, it can be applied in clubs, surrounding pools, and in natural recreational areas, including golf course or tennis courts.

The net used to protect against hail storm is often instal in residential areas where it is pleasing to have a more transparent fence.

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