Supporting plants with trellis netting

Beneficios De Hortomallas

A trellis net or trellis mesh for supporting plants

At Hortomallas we specialize in manufacturing and distributing trellis netting, also called a trellis net and trellis mesh.

The harvest of vegetables or flowers is a key element in the result for the produce or flower grower. 


Cucumber production in a greenhouse using HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting as support

vegetative system

A good system for supporting the plant’s vegetation increases performance per foot of row and increases crop density.  Lastly, by enabling vertical growth of the plant, air movement between the leaves is increased, which diminishes the incidence of pathogens.

And when these occur, allowing a well-extended and open foliar apparatus allows agrochemical sprays to enter the center of the plant, ensuring greater effectiveness of the treatment and therefore reducing the number of times it needs to be applied.

Staking with mesh is a very simple process, which saves time compared to traditional manual stringing of raffia/pita.

Trellising with trellis mesh is a rather simple process that saves time in comparison with the traditional webbing made by hand using twine.  What’s more, unlike twine which by being flattened and twisted allows bacteria, molds, and insects to take up residence in it and survive spraying, HORTOMALLAS® is not porous and so there is no possibility of pathogens finding refuge in it. 

Moreover, HORTOMALLAS® is inert to ag chemicals and this means that it can be used for several crop cycles, be it in a greenhouse or out in the open.  Of course, the diffused light and shading of a greenhouse or high tunnel make it possible for HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting to last several more crop cycles than if installed outdoors.

In floriculture, trellis netting is put into place horizontally, overtop the bed of flowers, whereas, for produce, it is almost always used vertically so that it can guide and support vegetable plants as they grow upward, with or without needing to train them to the trellis mesh.