When support netting falls down: advantages of tutoring with HORTOMALLAS

The advantages of tutoring with HORTOMALLAS outweigh using agricultural raffia

There are many advantages of tutoring with HORTOMALLAS. Strong winds and heavy rain, overly soft soil or faulty posts can often cause a section of vegetable support netting to collapse, whether it has been made using raffia or HORTOMALLAS.

raffia twine for agriculture
If just a single strand of raffia breaks, it can affect the whole crop.

Tutoring with HORTOMALLAS on the other hand, offers distinct advantages.

When one section of raffia tutoring collapses, it is more than likely that that section of the crop will be damaged beyond repair or, that when trying to replace the broken raffia, a substantial amount of the crop’s yield will be damaged, affecting its stems, leaves and fruits.

tendrils on tutoring net
Close up of a cucurbitaceous creeper being tutored

Here you can see a real case of a bamboo post that appeared to be sound but was actually infested with termites. The termites ended up weakening the post so much that it completely tilted over. This case shows the benefits and advantages of tutoring with HORTOMALLAS.

You can observe how the termites had their nest at the foot of the bamboo post causing the eventual collapse of the support netting.

In the photos, you can see how the entire section of support netting collapsed due to the decayed post, and how at the same time, the plants and their fruits being supported by the netting were not affected. By simply removing and replacing the damaged post, the whole crop was recovered. This illustrates one of the advantages of tutoring with HORTOMALLAS.

trellis net
When using HORTOMALLAS, a post might fall down but the plants and their fruits will not be damaged. The damaged post simply needs to be replaced and the support netting pulled back into place.

These advantages over using raffia are even more evident when a raffia thread is accidentally cut by human error when pruning or harvesting, causing the whole support netting to collapse like dominos. If one of the squares of a HORTOMALLAS net is cut by mistake, the structure as a whole remains intact as each knot in the support netting redistributes the weight to surrounding knots in the tutoring framework.

support netting
The momordica charantia bitter melon plant, a cucurbitaceous plant with a similar growth pattern to the cucumber, responds perfectly to the use of HORTOMALLAS.

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