Support Netting for Green Beans

How to increase your yield by tutoring with bean netting

The ideal farming technique for green beans is to use HORTOMALLAS® horticultural trellis netting as a support so that the farmer can take advantage of the characteristics of this legume and provide the plant with an environment away from the dampness of the soil, which fosters the growth of pathogens depending on excesses of moisture. Green beans or French beans are a rotational crop ideal for alternating with tomatoes or cucumbers since these – as with all legumes – bind the nitrogen to the soil naturally and without cost, ready for the solanceae or cucurbits to benefit from.

rotación cultivos
Tutoring green bean plants using Hortomallas vertically after a crop of cucumbers, is a perfect example of how to rotate crops.

Rotating crops using Trellis Netting

It is important to remember that before deciding the rotation of crops the plant health must be checked, especially when having cultivated beans since these can attract pathogen vectors such as white flies. Therefore, check the sample traps carefully and “clean” the plots or greenhouses according to plant health protocols suggested by the relevant advisory bodies before beginning the next crop. If the existing infrastructure needs maintenance after the first crop cycle such as padding, irrigation, posts and trellis netting HORTOMALLAS®, sanitary protocols must be adhered to at all times.

arvejas espaldera
HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting is the perfect support for Snow Peas.

Advantages of Tutoring Green Beans (French Beans) with HORTOMALLAS®

Green bean or French bean crops become more profitable when using HORTOMALLAS® tutoring trellis netting, because this netting can be reused several times and besides its quicker installation, allows for greater crop density, better flowering and healthier fruits.

  • Malla Tutora para Hortalizas (cuadro 15x17cm)(Comprimida)
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    Vegetable Support Netting (15x17cm mesh)

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    Trellis Net for Vegetable Tutoring (25x25cm mesh)

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  • Malla para Entutorar, Sistema de Tutoreo (cuadro 12.5×12.5cm)(Comprimida)
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    Trellis Netting for a Tutoring System (12.5×12.5cm mesh)

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