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Chicken wire is a wire mesh made of weaved steel that is used commonly as fence in poultry coop. although there are other kinds of chicken meshes and ones of even better quality, chicken wire is quite common. It is made of thin and flexible steel wire that makes it easy to work. In addition, it is cheap, yet durable.

Chicken wire is popularly used in poultry keeping, thus its name.  But, that does not mean that it is its only use. It has also proved to be quite useful in other areas in the industry.


Chicken wire is predominantly used in poultry keeping. Every now and then, birds are visited by predators and pests. Animals such as snakes and rats want to have some of the birds’ meal or their eggs. On the other hand, predators such as, coyote, raccoon and foxes want to kill the birds for food. The use of this mesh as fence around the coop is a great way to protect the birds from predators.

CHICKENMALLA chicken netting will not rust or corrode as it is made out of UV resistant plastics, very useful in humid areas of the country.

CHICKENMALLA can also installed on small cage

CHICKENMALLA can also installed on small cage

A chicken wire fence can be installed around the yard, allowing the birds free ranging and foraging. While keeping birds in their enclosed pen will protect the birds from adverse weather and predators, installing a fence will offer that much protection from predators, as well as let the birds exercise. In addition, foraging around a fenced yard also reduces the cost of feed.

Furthermore, chicken wire can be used on the floor of a coop to protect the birds form burrowing animals; it is also commonly used in building a chicken tractor, a floorless movable coop that allows you rotate the birds on different patches of fresh vegetation around the yard.

A wire does not only protect from predators and pests, it also keeps the birds contained, preventing them from straying too far from the yard.


Chicken wire also makes a good support for climbing vegetables in the garden. Vegetables like cucumber, melon and tomatoes take up a lot space in the garden as they spread out. Using it as trellis in the garden is a good support for these vine plants. Not only does a trellis leave your garden tidier, it also improves the growth quality of the plants and protects them from humidity related issues, pests and diseases. In addition, it makes harvest very easy.

CHICKENMALLA can also installed on small crops

CHICKENMALLA can also installed on small crops



Chicken wire also offers some amount of protection in gardens. Using chicken wire as a fence around your garden plants will ensure that animals don’t get to them

Chicken wire installed horizontally also does a great job of preventing squirrels and other burrowing animals from digging up your crops. It also repels deer and cats because they find it difficult to walk on it with their split hooves.

CHICKENMALLA can also installed on small crops

CHICKENMALLA can also installed on small crops

Chicken wire has several other uses different from what has been talked about. It can also be used in making mini cloches to protect plants from frost, and it provides a good reinforcement for concrete.

There is no end to its uses; all you have to do is use your imagination.


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