Clips, Shader Net Fasteners, Heavy Duty, Butterfly, pack 10 pieces

MXN $100.19 + I.V.A. (1 pieza)

Clips, clamps, plasticized fasteners for the installation of shade netting in any percentage. This plasticized fastener or hook is ideal for tensioning your shade net without the need for making or installing plasticized eyelets.

Its easy and fast installation allows you to adapt the shading fabric or shade sail in all types of environments, whether at work, home, restaurants, patios, swimming pools, wherever you need it. It serves as a substitute for the hemline for people who want to avoid the time and cost of ready-made custom shade nettings.

Ideal for placement on privacy fence nettings, as a way of joining of canvases, tensioning shade screens whether of raschel fabric, monofilament or architectural fabric, even for anti hail mesh and privacy netting.


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Clips, Shader Net Fasteners, Heavy Duty, Butterfly, pack 10 pieces”

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