Shading quick soccer fields and sports grounds is now easy thanks to the OBAMALLA shade netting.

The OBAMALLA® shade netting allows shading over large areas.

Shading reducing temperatures and the perception of heat. It is ideal for preventing excessive sun on soccer fields and sports grounds because it is economical and lightweight and adapts to any size. Moreover, one of its main functions is to provide privacy. This application makes OBAMALLA® an optimal partition solution for schools and multifunctional areas. The OBAMALLA® shade netting is ideal for preventing excessive sunlight on soccer fields and sports grounds, and it adapts to any size.

The Shade netting is ideal for preventing excessive sunlight on soccer fields and sports grounds, and it adapts to any size.

The OBAMALLA® shade netting uses a simple anchoring system that employs steel cables and braces.

With a quick anchoring system, you can shade soccer fields and sports grounds. The cables are fixed, and the nets are tailored to the desired size. Then, the areas between the braces are covered. This installation technique allows the net to be placed over large surfaces, taking advantage of existing anchor points. For more limited areas, simple structures can be installed, such as awnings with custom designs to size. In this case, the shade netting is stretched and attached to tubular frames. This option is recommended for parking areas, rest areas, as well as the edges of fields, in recreational, sports, and school centers. It is also widely used for domestic and residential purposes.

OBAMALLA® shading netting can also be used for field edges, recreational centers, parking areas, rest areas, and school zones.

Tensile structures for shading soccer fields with the OBAMALLA® shade netting.

The term “tensile structure” (hanging roof in English) in construction refers to structures where elements subjected to tension prevail. Steel cables are mainly used and then covered with different material options. The OBAMALLA® shade netting is especially suitable when the objective is to limit the sun’s rays. The nets are tensioned using the cables, resulting in large suspended covers. Thanks to the use of a system of supports of various shapes and dimensions and the shade netting, a balance in the total weight is achieved. This lightness allows for considerable open spaces with minimal material use. Extendable structures are intended for the most diverse uses. This constructive technique, which employs lightweight materials, makes the construction straightforward and economical, especially for covering large areas.

The tensile structure is a support system that allows the OBAMALLA® sun netting to be balanced, enabling considerable open spaces while using minimal materials.

Quality guarantee in the OBAMALLA® shade netting.

The OBAMALLA® shade nets are very durable and resistant because they are manufactured using cutting-edge manufacturing processes and high-quality polypropylene as raw material. The technology used to produce OBAMALLA® allows us to offer coverings in tensile structures with optical and physical properties that were previously unavailable. We offer a wide range of nets that vary based on different light transmittance levels, degree of diffused light, combined light (diffused and direct), and mechanical resistance. Our OBAMALLA® shade nets are the result of constant research and development of new applications to meet the diverse market demands.

The OBAMALLA® raschel netting is very durable and resistant because it is manufactured using high-quality manufacturing processes and polypropylene as a raw material.

OBAMALLA® shade netting for partitions and privacy, wind protection, and shading soccer fields.

The same OBAMALLA® shade netting can be used to create visual barriers, partitions, and curtains, with the aim of preserving privacy. can be useful for delineating play areas and various sports activities. It also acts as a windbreak fence. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

The OBAMALLA® shading net can also be used to create visual barriers, partitions, and curtains to preserve privacy.

OBAMALLA® shade netting for soccer fields and sports grounds: a health matter

Excessive heat poses health risks. For this reason, places where sports activities are carried out should be shaded with the OBAMALLA® shade netting. When very high temperatures are recorded for several consecutive days, often associated with high humidity, strong solar irradiation, and lack of ventilation can cause discomfort. Heat poses health problems when it disrupts the body’s temperature regulation system. Typically, the body cools down by sweating, but under certain physical and environmental conditions, this isn’t sufficient. If, for example, the humidity is very high, sweat does not evaporate quickly. Thus, body heat is not effectively removed. The body’s temperature, therefore, rises rapidly and can damage various vital organs and even the brain. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause mild disorders such as cramps, fainting, edema, or more severe conditions.


In areas exposed to prolonged solar radiation, on hot, windless summer days, burns and sunstroke symptoms can be prevented thanks to the installation of shading nets.


They are frequent during physical activity and are caused by the loss of sodium, due to sweating. Young people can also suffer from cramps when they do not replace the lost fluids.


It can occur when the temperature rises significantly and is associated with high humidity and a lack of ventilation. The first symptom is a sudden general malaise, followed by headaches, nausea, vomiting, and a feeling of dizziness, even leading to states of anxiety and confusion.

Worsening of pre-existing diseases

Intense heat can cause the aggravation of pre-existing diseases. Increased risks in the following diseases:

Cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, Chronic pulmonary diseases.

Mental disorders, diseases of the central nervous system.

Liver and kidney pathologies, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Those suffering from these diseases run a higher risk of death during heatwaves, especially if they are elderly.

By not placing the OBAMALLA® woven mesh on a sports court, the intense heat can cause fainting, cramps or more serious conditions such as congestion, heat stroke and dehydration.

Create shaded areas to protect the stands and rest areas for players, visitors and Shade soccer fields.

Shading soccer fields comprehensively, especially during critical periods of heat, can mean preventing health problems and discomfort, some of which are dangerous for psycho-physical balance. Not only sports structures can be provided with shade mesh. Obamalla shade netting is useful in recreational and school centers, such as clubs.

With the OBAMALLA® architectural shade netting, a pleasant environment is created for spectators in the stands during critical heat periods.

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