Shading parking lots with artificial foliage

With ERBETTA® artificial foliage you can create classy and effective shade!

The system of artificial foliage for parking areas assures the protection of your car from the sun.  At the same time it is a classy way of covering over structures in patios, yards, and gardens.

Especially in summer, with its bright sunny days and stifling heat, it is particularly useful for lowering the temperature in the interior of vehicles.  It is also helpful in protecting the more delicate components, such as upholstery and bodywork.

Create shaded areas by using artificial foliage for parking spaces and thereby prevent damages that can be caused by the sun.

muro verde artificial ERBETTA® protegiendo automoviles.
Artificial foliage is ideal for use in parking lots since it provides perfect protection and at the same time is decorative.

Hot weather brings with it high temperatures, humidity, insects, sap from trees, vehicle emissions, dust, and rain.  All of these elements contain organic and acidic substances which corrode and discolor automobile surfaces.  However, in order to protect car paint from the sun, you can park it in a lot that is protected with artificial foliage.

Evergreen plants made of polyethylene for decor and at the same time creation of shade

The installation of leafy synthetic plants makes it possible to protect a car’s interior from the sun and preventing the sun’s rays from degrading the upholstery and making the steering wheel unbearably hot.  The car’s interior may still become hot, but it will certainly be less hot than it would be without shaded parking.

Artificial plants as a viable alternative to natural plants for creating car ports with aesthetic value

The choice between real plants and artificial ones often comes down to practical considerations.  Artificial foliage does not demand the care that natural plants do.  Also, there are settings where it is impossible to grow and maintain a real plant.  An example would be spaces that are too high, such as a parking lot, or growing zones that are inhospitable to certain real plants.  Made from different materials, artificial plants imitate the shapes and colors of natural ones, so much so that at times it is hard to tell them apart.

The many variations in which the leaves are produced and the materials which more and more faithfully imitate real plants makes for the artificial foliage having a powerful aesthetic impact.  The UV stabilization treatment which it undergoes saves it from discoloration by exposure to sunlight.

Artificial foliage creates shade outdoors.  As a carport cover it also provides protection from hail.  Its dense foliage acts as a barrier which cushions the impact of falling snow, hail, and rain.  It can be used by itself or in combination with shade cloth.

The leaves are made of materials which are resistant to atmospheric elements and to UV rays.

Our system of coverage with artificial foliage can be readily adapted to awnings and/or porches and any other situation where a barrier against the sun and prying eyes is needed.

Multiple uses of artificial foliage

Artificial foliage allows the outdoors of your home to be enjoyed, be it a terrace or a flower garden, by instantly creating a barrier for prying eyes to protect your privacy.  There is no need to wait for natural plants to grow, while still achieving an excellent result from an aesthetic point of view.  Furthermore, periodic maintenance required by natural plants (plucking dead leaves, pruning) should not be necessary.

Also, a canopy of artificial foliage does not attract insects

follaje artificial ERBETTA® para decoracion

ERBETTA® artificial foliage does not attract insects, which makes it an excellent decorating choice for your home.The advantage of this choice is that it is long lasting without the need of maintenance.

Easily create a parking spot with shade thanks to a canopy of plastic plants.

Our plastic plants are practically identical to natural plants.  They are faithfully reproduced and in regards to cost, considering that artificial plants do not require a gardener nor watering and do not drop petals or leaves, are advantageous.

We offer a complete line of artificial foliage for decorative shade.

Discover a complete array of quality that is suitable for any use.

Artificial foliage for parking spaces:  excellent protection from the sun

Leaving the car out in the sun can cause the interior to heat excessively, even hotter than 40° C (104° F).

Excessive exposure to sunlight causes damage to the car, especially the bodywork which loses its shine and thus causes deterioration of the car itself.

However, thanks to the installation of a canopy of artificial foliage over the parking space, the risk of damage to the car, which heat generated by the sun can cause, is eliminated.

follaje sintético protegiendo autos de los rayos uv
Another advantage in using ERBETTA® artificial foliage is the resistance it has to heat, making it a good tool to provide protection from UV rays.

Preserve the interior and exterior of your car to maintain a high-performance and shiny-and-new look

Prolonged heat from sunshine damages the bodywork of your car over time.  In the summer months the paint which covers the car, as well as the plastic components, easily become repositories for insects and sap from trees.  These contain organic elements that tend to contaminate the paint.  The strong heat breaks down and bakes on these substances, indelibly marring the surface.

Also acid rain, chemical dust, and exhaust fumes cause contamination since they get deposited on the exposed parts of the car.  Under high temperatures, these substances mar and, over time, corrode and degrade the body work.

arbustos sinteticos erbetta protegiendo automoviles
With ERBETTA® you can create an ideal place for your car and prevent damage caused by the sun.

Reduce the process of paint corrosion caused by harmful elements (sunshine, insects, etc.).  Avoid the damage caused by the sun:  park your car in a protected parking area.

Do not forget that you should always wash your car in a shady spot because bright sunshine can heat the car and quickly dry the detergent onto the car, leaving marks and spots that become corrosive with sunshine.

Protect the exterior and interior of your vehicle from the glare of the sun by means of overhead shade for parking

Todas las partes internas del automóvil están sujetas a deterioro con altas temperaturas, especialmente en las horas del

All interior components of a car are subject to deterioration at high temperatures, especially during the hours of the day with the most direct sunlight.  The dashboard in particular, as it dries out, becomes damaged as small cracks open up and make it appear old and worn.  This can also be the case for seat upholstery material, such as leather, which is destined to be damaged by prolonged exposure to blazing hot weather.

In order to avoid problems such as these, it is advisable to use an overhead canopy of artificial foliage, which will protect your car from the sun’s rays and reduce the conductivity of heat.

follaje artificial para estacionamientos.
Create good protective shade for your car by using ERBETTA® artificial foliage in order to prevent the damages caused by it heating up in the sun.

The UV component of sunlight attacks and heats up the paint of a car.  As a result, the color fades, especially on the roof.  In order to combat this phenomenon, the simple and easy installation of artificial foliage as a roof for parking spaces is recommended.

Artificial foliage for parking spaces:  Safe, nontoxic materials

Our artificial foliage is manufactured from high-quality synthetic materials, plastic mostly.  The polymers that are used for making our shade canopies guarantee that our products will be tough and durable.  Our line of products for parking spaces is nontoxic and odorless.

diferentes tipos de arbustos sinteticos de erbetta.
There are many kinds of artificial plants that can be used for creating an artificial green roof in order to protect against the sun.

Advantages of using plastic artificial foliage as opposed to natural plants

  • No watering nor fertilizing necessary
  • No special care required: it does not yellow, nor dry out, nor drop leaves or petals
  • Artificial plants do not need to be transplanted, grafted, or pruned
  • It does not develop plant diseases.

Easy installation and relocation

Our line of products for creating shade with artificial foliage comes in panels.  This way it can be easily installed, dismantled, and taken elsewhere.