Shade mesh for shaded areas to lower the temperature for your home, office, workshop, or parking lot.

The shade mesh roof as an effective and economical way to reduce the heat around you.

The sun is simply wonderful: it warms us, brings us happiness and good mood, gives us health and food, but… it makes us sweat a lot and sometimes endure unbearable nights! Big cities lack trees and parks, and that’s why we feel the heat suffocating us. This heat in our homes or at work could be avoided with shade mesh. The heat makes us less productive and, honestly, we spend our time longing for a glass of water or, why not? A very cold beer.

And while you go for something refreshing to drink, you might notice that even parking lots opt to use shade mesh.

Why does my house or office get so hot with the sun?

How can we lower the temperature without spending on air conditioners? Preventing direct sunlight from coming into contact with the walls or roofs of our homes, offices, or workshops is a very quick and economical way to reduce the temperature by about 4-6 degrees Celsius. Walls and roofs are a natural accumulator of infrared rays, and 6-8 hours of direct sunlight turn our homes and workspaces into true passive heat batteries. Windows and skylights that receive midday and afternoon sun rays act like greenhouses, increasing the internal temperature; these extra degrees accumulate in the objects and interior walls, allowing the heat to remain trapped for several hours until night… which is perfect during winter when we want a “solar house” or passive heating house, but in summer we want the opposite result.

How can I prevent my building’s thermal mass from becoming a heat accumulator?

By placing an OBAMALLA® shade mesh between the sun and the building surfaces, we prevent this thermal mass of cement, concrete, sheets, and bricks from accumulating excessive temperature. The space between the mesh and the walls or roofs is called “THERMAL CUSHION,” and it is advisable for the mesh to be sufficiently separated from the surface to be protected so that cool air can circulate below, allowing the wall or roof to stay cool. The height or distance of this mesh (which can be stretched directly using a frame system or simply by reinforcing the perimeter of the shade mesh with some metal rings or eyelets to stretch it) from the roof or wall is recommended to be at least 50cm, considering that if the mesh is placed too high, the afternoon sun rays might come into contact with the protected surface.

This in the image is a building whose facade is made of metal sheet exposed to the afternoon sun. Because metal is a good thermal conductor, its mass accumulates heat and distributes it inside. By blocking sunlight with OBAMALLA® and preventing these rays from directly hitting the building’s surface, the interior temperature decreases by 5 degrees, avoiding the use of air conditioning.

Shading industrial sheds and warehouses with shade mesh

Metal accumulates heat much faster than brick, because metal is a better thermal conductor (conductivity is measured in watts per kelvin and meter). So, one can understand why a car parked in the sun accumulates so much heat that in some cases you can cook an egg on its sheets. Industrial sheet metal roofs have the great advantage of being quick and economical to install, but the disadvantage is that they accumulate solar heat very quickly and emit it below, right where we work or store materials. Even though the construction industry has introduced insulating materials like glass wool or polystyrene panels, it is impossible to prevent heat transfer. The best thing would be to paint the sheets with a reflective material (there are paints based on micro-ceramics) and on top of these create modules like frames.

Shade mesh
Industrial shed with sun protection.

Keep the car cool by covering it with a shade mesh roof.

Where it is not possible to have the car inside a covered parking, it is advisable to put a mobile structure of metal or wood with a shading fabric on top, to prevent the sun from directly contacting the car’s metallic surface. This shading system extends the vehicle’s life as the sun wears out the exterior paint, seats, and other plastic elements. When entering the car in the middle of the afternoon, it will be as cool as if it were inside a garage. It is also important in the case of car shades to see from which side the afternoon sun comes, and thus cover both horizontally and vertically. For shopping center parking lots where heavy use of the shade mesh is required, it is recommended to use the OBAMALLA® architectural shade mesh since its greater weight than conventional meshes ensures longer durability.

Shade mesh OBAMALLA
Direct sun exposure can damage your car’s paint, protect it with OBAMALLA® shade mesh.

Shade Skylights with Light-Colored OBAMALLA® allows light to pass through, but not heat.

Skylights or light wells are essential architectural elements to provide good lighting inside homes and offices. Especially designed for areas within the building that don’t have windows, skylights allow natural light and sometimes even ventilation to interior rooms. OBAMALLA® is a shade mesh available in various colors, but for skylights, light colors like white or beige are preferred so as not to completely block out the light. With the installation of the OBAMALLA® shade mesh over skylights, you allow airflow and reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays without taking away light from the interiors.

Shade mesh With the installation of the OBAMALLA
With the installation of the OBAMALLA® shade mesh over skylights, you allow airflow and reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays without taking away light from the interiors.

Why use shade mesh in laundry patios?

Direct sun exposure on clothing tends to turn white garments yellowish or fade intense colors such as reds, yellows, or even blacks. By installing a shade mesh roof over the patio, you allow air circulation but prevent the sun’s rays from coming into direct contact with our laundry. It’s essential to remember that OBAMALLA® meshes are permeable, allowing air and the evaporation of whatever we leave on the clothesline.

Enjoy gatherings on terraces (and barbecue areas) in the shade.

Direct sunlight during a gathering or family meal can be quite bothersome, especially in the afternoon when the sun’s rays fall obliquely and reach the table or guests, even when under a roof. Blocking the direct sun with architectural OBAMALLA® provides the necessary freshness and also becomes a very beneficial and useful decorative element during our parties.

Shade sails on terraces are very common in vacation areas.  Shade mesh
Shade sails on terraces are very common in vacation areas.
With roll-up curtains, you can decide when you need protection from the sun Shade mesh
With roll-up curtains, you can decide when you need protection from the sun.+

Your dog also needs to be in the shade and cool.

You’ve probably noticed that when it’s hot, Fido, your canine pet, walks around with his tongue out, breathing quickly… this is his way of sweating and lowering his body heat by exchanging cold external air for the hot air in his lungs. Surely a less effective cooling system compared to humans who have the entire skin surface to sweat and evaporate, cooling the body. You’ve also noticed that many times the dog digs holes in the garden and lies down on the damp ground; they do this to stay cooler. Excessive heat can be harmful to our pets and affect their energy level. What we should do is provide them with shaded areas using OBAMALLA®, allowing them to rest in the cool during the hottest hours of the day.

Shade mesh  OBAMALLA
Don’t let your furry friend suffer in the sun, provide him with a safe and cool shelter using OBAMALLA.

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