Shade for patio: practical and simple ideas to enjoy the shade in patios, decks and terraces.

Do you want to create shade for patio? Whether it is necessary to lower the temperature and refresh the patio or because you want to add a natural touch, we explain how to create a shade for patio in a few simple steps.

shade with HORTOMALLAS
The Hortomallas mesh helps to the plants to get a vertical growth providing a healthy growth.

Using the HORTOMALLAS plastic net, made of 25 cm x 25 cm uniform square mesh, you can now create green walls following the desired design and best suited to your space. The trellis netting is functional because it allows the plants to climb naturally as if they were trunks. The shade that produces a green wall of these features protects the exteriors but also the interior. If, for example, your goal is to refresh a dining or rest room, with this simple structure you will not only gain a sensible reduction in temperature, but also greater privacy. You can add a degree of tilt and create real green curtains. The harmonious set of nature and architecture achieved by the use of this solution is amazing.

Advantages of using plastic netting for creating shade for patio

The HORTOMALLAS trellis netting is characterized by a special design that facilitates the development of vertical plants by interlacing their stems and branches in the panels. By acting like a magnificent support, the plants grow up without the need for additional guides. It is an inexpensive and easy to install method to quickly create a structure suitable for shading patio, garden and terrace areas.

Plants that grow on the trellis are more vigorous and healthy. So they require less pesticides. Particularly in homes, it is best to avoid massive use of pesticides because it can cause damage to children and pets. The development of plants that allows the HORTOMALLAS net is more orderly and uniform. As a result, the look of the whole set will be better. Above all, it is less likely that plants will contract infections and illnesses. In fact, as a result of the better distribution of leaf material, greater ventilation occurs which reduces moisture, a critical factor for the spread of plant diseases.

The shade for patio obtained by installing nets for climbing plants reduces the temperature both to the outside and to the outside. It is not a permanent structure. As a result, it can be dismantled at any time, for example during months with less light when no shade is required.

Unlike bamboo rotting and complicated to install HORTOMALLAS is durable, it can be washed and stored in rolls that occupy very little space. HORTOMALLAS spallier net is adaptable to any available space and easily installed only with the help of cables and simple anchoring to the wall or ceiling and floor. Our net is treated against ultraviolet rays for a longer life in all weather conditions, even under high temperatures. It is resistant to bacteria, it is not attacked by mold and can be reused. It’s an economical and practical solution. Just wait for the growth of the plants that have been chosen. All the rest is made by HORTOMALLAS.

shade for patio
The HORTOMALLAS mesh is adaptable and very durable for provide the best support to your crops.

Plants suitable for shade for patio

You can choose totally green or flowering plants, some of them fragrant. An alternative idea is to use beans or peas.

Below you will find an interesting selection of varieties of natural climbing plants that can grow with the help of the HORTOMALLAS support grid and create magnificent shade for patio. Sometimes it may be necessary to make bands here and there with some clips – for example, the HORTOCLIPS rings are ideal, which facilitate the attachment of climbing plants to the support structure.

Evergreen plants are very well suited to grow on simple structures such as HORTOMALLAS.

Decorative and practical it is possible to install a green curtain to shade any area of ​​the patio or terrace, increasing the aesthetics of the outside. At the same time it is also useful to decrease the thermal sensation.

long beans crops
The HORTOMALLA mesh provide many advantages to your crops providing the best support for your plants in your garden or cropfield.

Climbing roses are ideal and resistant to any climate to create romantic atmospheres.

Clematis is a climbing plant that blooms abundantly.

HoneysuckleLonicera caprifolium – is a very robust ornamental plant able to easily lean over the HORTOMALLAS netting. It grows very fast and its flowers are odorous.

Passiflora or flower of passion is also a fast growth. It is a plant with large flowers of different varieties according to the climate.

Jasminum genus plants include evergreen and crunchy varieties. They emanate an intense scent and have particularly brilliant leaves.

Wisteria sinensis, or Glycine is a leguminous, climbing plant, easy to grow and fast growing. It can become invasive so regular pruning is recommended.

The Trumpet Vine – Campsis radicans – is a plant that produces typical flowers with red orange trumpet. It loves exposed areas in the sun, so it’s great to create shade for patio. It can easily build up on vertical or sloping walls with HORTOMALLAS support, thanks to the aerial roots they have on the branches. The leaves are of intense green color.

Another very popular plant suitable for hot and dry climates is Bouganville, which has flowers of different shades: pink, red, yellow, purple.

It is a native wood plant in Brazil, widely used in tropical and subtropical climates, but also in Mediterranean areas. Flexible branches can be attached to the HORTOMALLAS structure to facilitate upward growth and coverage to form a wall. It has a long flowering period, so it is ideal to cover entire areas by getting real barriers or ceilings. They grow in the sun, even in arid areas. It is not very resistant to cold, so it is advisable to protect them with INVERNAVELO anti-freeze cloth, in periods when temperatures drop.

The Ipomoea Purpurea also known as Morning Glory is very easy to grow as an ornamental plant in full sun or with little light.

Sweet pea is an annual climbing plant with very decorative and scented flowers. It needs a lot of sunshine, so it can be used perfectly as a plant for shade for patio.

The Clerodendrum thomsoniae plant originates in the tropical areas of Africa and Asia, so it prefers hot places.

Just choose the plant you like and fit your environment, the rest is made by HORTOMALLAS netting.

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