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How to Make the Best Use of Chicken Tractor

Chickens! These small productive creatures are capable of doing a lot more things than just laying eggs and providing fresh meat. They just need food and shelter with a little bit of supervision and you are all set to have a successful chicken farm. But have you ever wondered what happens if your chickens move relentlessly around your garden? Yes, they are capable of denuding the ground and turning it to dirt within days, if they keep moving in a particular set of an area. Here is where the chicken tractor comes into play!

Chickenmalla installed in home
Using this system you can protect and care your chickens.

What Is a Chicken Tractor and the Benefits of It

Sometimes called an Ark, a chicken tractor, is a portable coop which can be moved around along with the chickens so that the chickens get a supply of fresh vegetation and grass. These are lightly built wooden frames with meshes that come with or without a wheel. Now you might think that why it is called a chicken “tractor”. The term comes from the functioning of the chickens in the same way a modern tractor would perform: digging, weeding and fertilizing. Chickens naturally act as Pest Controllers as they like to peck on tender grass and weeds – especially the bugs and the snails on it. When they move around, they produce manure that is rich in Nitrogen. This manure can be used in different parts of your land and acts as an excellent way to the plantation. Because of their movement, they also loosen the soil which could be used for plantation. To acknowledge maximum benefit out of the tractor, this mobile run has to be moved throughout your land at specific intervals of time.

chicken tractor used for protection of poultries
The tractor is a good option as you can move to your chickens and they can gets a good growth in your plants.

This device can help your garden in numerous ways. Some of them are:

  • Protects your land from overgrazing.

  • Gives chicken fresh areas of land.

  • Increases chicken productivity in laying eggs.

How to Make the Best Use of It?

One can have a look at the soil and decide what is needed. If you need a mowed land, you would need to move the tractor frequently. If you want a fertile soil, let the area be dried up and let the chickens move in and you will end up having a super-fertile ground. It should also target comfort and well-being of your chickens. It should be well spaced and sturdy. If you are thinking to move the tractor at long distance, then you should consider having the wheel for the ease of movement. Also, this works best when there is no flooring in it as chicken’s feet can get entangled in the wire holes and can hurt the chickens. No flooring also means no cleaning.

Chicken Tractors vs. Chicken Pens

A chicken pen is not portable. Pen gets attached to the side of the chicken coop and makes it more secure. The chicken wire can be buried and the chickens get safeguarded from the predators. The pens, however, run a downside when because of its permanent structure, the green grass gets eaten and worn out by the chickens and all you are left with is a dry patch of land. This is where the chicken tractors come in. Because of the mobility of the chicken tractors, everybody gets a win-win situation. Your piece of land gets saved from overgrazing every time you decide to move on to a different patch and your girls get to access fresh grass and different areas of your garden.

Chicken Wire

chickenmalla installed for animals' protection
With the chicken wire is a resistant and effective solution for have their chickens corralled in a safe place.

It was invented by British ironmonger Charles Bernard for his father, a farmer. It feels similar to a cloth woven. These wires are usually thin with hexagonal gaps. They are available in various gauges from 19 to 22 gauges. As conveyed by the name, these wires are intended to keep chickens confined to an area. Effective in restricting the movement of chickens across your farm, it can be used for multiple other purposes like craft projects, building armatures for sculptures and photography. However, its use is limited when it comes to bigger predators and nocturnal creatures like foxes, dogs, and cats. They can easily slip in. Hence the security of your flock is at risk. Being fragile, these wires can fall off easily and could be hazardous for your chicken’s feet. This is why, they are never used for flooring the coops as the wires could cause cuts, scratches and eye injuries.

Hardware Mesh

When it comes to chicken fencing on outdoor runs, especially when you want to keep the predators out, this galvanized hardware mesh is the most effective of all. It is a stronger product than a traditional wire because of the support it gets from welding. Extremely durable, it is available starting from ¼ inch size with a tiny mesh to larger mesh. One can choose the mesh depending on the area and the kind of poultry, a poultry owner owns. The smaller the openings and the lower the gauge, the better will be the security of your chickens. More expensive than the traditional mesh wires, it is worth an investment given the long-term security it provides to your flock. Easy to install using screws and washers, it can be used for any openings like your household windows.

chickenmalla installed for chicken coop
The hardware mesh is a resistant, effective and efficient mesh that provide a good protection to yuor poultries.

One Device Sorts it All!

A chicken tractor works wonders when moved perfectly. If the chickens are just left in, your garden will be torn down with spoilt fruits and vegetables because the main aim of the chickens is to keep moving and pecking. Creating boundaries of their movement is all that is required. One needs to pay attention and think long term for while investing in these tools. Quality and type of the mesh to be installed, the time set to keep this ingenious invention moving, weather conditions like summer/winter in which it has to be moved etc. are all things that will ultimately help you in creating a paradise you dream of having, with your tiny feathered friends.

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