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Double your yield with the Screen-of-green support netting!

This is why you need MallaJuana SCROG net to support quality buds.

The SCROG or Screen-of-Green support aims to produce fewer plants, but with a bigger and more uniform canopy. Thanks to the Screen-of-Green support net more branches get the right amount of light even within a limited cultivation area. Scrog method is especially used indoor, where space is reduced. But it can be applied also outdoor to enhance quality.

The Screen-of-Green support promotes horizontal growth.

The SCROG method utilizes a netting screen to support the plants. A more innovative and time saving technique consists of building the screen using MALLAJUANA Scrog net. When the canopy reaches the net, fix the branches of the plants to the net using HORTOMALLAS clips. Thus the branches are trained to develop horizontally and uniformly. We recommend to secure the net on a structure made by poles, for instance wooden, or plastic or bamboo poles. The vegetable material should be supported by the net for increasing production. MALLAJUANA trellis mesh is wide enough to permit pulling sprouts through it. So even the inner buds are better exposed to the source of light. Some varieties of plants are more adaptable to S.C.R.O.G., the ones with higher internodal distance and with flexible stems.

The SCROG method utilizes a netting screen to support the plants

The SCROG )(screen of green) method utilizes a plastic netting screen to support the plants called MALLAJUANA by HORTOMALLAS.

Methods of Screen-of-Green support.

There are two methods of Screen-of-Green support.

1. Cover the plants with the ultralight MallaJuana SCROG net, put the net over them and bring it down into the canopy. Then weave the branches through the net.

2. Install the MallaJuana net between the plants and the source of light. To improve horizontal growth place the MALLAJUANA trellis netting approximately 30 cm above the pots. Wait until the plants grow up. When the plants reach the net, guide the tops of the arms through the squares in the screen.

Increase air circulation and prevents pests with the Screen-of-Green support.

Method of Screen-of-Green support.

Method of Screen-of-Green support used on flower crops. The growing buds are held in place by the netting which prevents them from falling over.

The SCROG tutoring method enhances the development of the vegetative material guaranteeing optimal exposure to light. At the same time it helps support and guide the plants far from the humid soil. So damages to these valuable plants are reduced and an appropriate air circulation is provided. Your plants can be affected by fungus, thrips, mosaic virus, and flies, among others. The Screen-of-Green support permits the air to circulate into the canopy, and allows more effective and so fewer agrochemical applications will be required. Furthermore, once the branches are secured to the SCROG NET, it is not necessary to manipulate them anymore. Reducing hand labour, not only leads to simplifying the process, but also prevents viruses to spread among the plants mechanically. In fact the hands are vectors of many diseases.

The SCROG tutoring method enhances the development of the vegetative material guaranteeing optimal exposure to light.

The SCROG tutoring method enhances the development of the vegetative material guaranteeing optimal exposure to light.

MALLAJUANA Scrog net, the economical screen for Screen-of-green support

MALLAJUANA is a bi-oriented PP thermoplastic net, ideal for Screen-of-Green support. Including hydroponic systems. MALLAJUANA SCROG net is very strong so it perfectly holds the canopy weight. It is UV resistant, and very durable. It can last years in indoor and outdoor conditions. It is reusable, easily wrappable and storable.

One more important piece of advice to bud growers, just like when growing vegetables, continuous handling of your plants will reduce the output yield as plants try to cope with mechanical stress.  Mechanical stress due to excessive handling during tutoring forces the plant to recover its energies for a few days trying to rearrange its leaves towards the light source, be it the sun or artificial lighting.  In horticulture the loss in yields has been calculated to be between 8 to 15%… you do your math!  If you want more information on SOG netting follow the link.


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