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Reasons To Use Vegetable Supports

Why Gardeners use Vegetable supports

If you are a vegetable grower, then providing vegetable supports to the crops is one thing you must never neglect. You also need to select the right support for your crops to grow well and give the expected yield.

  1. Unblemished fruits

Fruiting vegetable plants face a lot of obstacles on the garden. But the worse happens when these fruits are allowed to remain on the ground as they surface. Insects, rodents and other animals can feed on them and this will eventually destroy the quality of the fruits. However, providing support is very important to have unblemished fruits at harvest time. This will bring better financial reward to the gardener when the fruits are sold.

Vegetable supports
The vegetable suppor avoid that your crops are in the floor, providing a good support
  1. Cleaner harvest

Cleaner fruits at harvest time can be achieved by the use of vegetable supports. Support allows the crop to grow straight up and keeps the fruit of the ground.

  1. Higher yield

Supports help growers to achieve higher yield. Though other factors can affect yield, but providing the right support will allow crops to grow straight up and support the weight of fruits no matter how heavy. This is what every grower wants, higher yield. It can be achieved by choosing the right support. Gardeners can grow bushels of beans with a sturdy and thick support.

  1. Prevents lodging

Gardeners are encouraged to use support when growing vegetables in windy locations. This will help to hold the plant firmly and prevent lodging. The damage a heavy wind can cause is more than what it takes to provide support.

cucumber support in cropfield using support net and trendils
WIth the support trellis system avoid that your crops are infected for any infections.
  1. Weed management

Vegetable crops compete with weeds for available space, nutrient, light and water. This can make plants to become stunted or perform poorly especially when they grow on the ground. Supported plants grow more foliage that can prevent sunlight from reaching weeds, which can lead to their death. Also, keeping the farm weed free is also achieved easily with little effort, because the weeds are more visible.

  1. Space management

Space management is very necessary for growers who want more output. But without proper management, this cannot be achieved. Training or supporting plants is one way to manage available space. Growers can increase their yield and grow more crops with the right support.

espalier net used in cropfield
The crops fight against the weeds for the space, however, the trellis support can helps to your crops to get a good growth.
  1. Light

Sunlight is very important in vegetable cultivation. Plants need sunlight to make their own food and to produce healthy fruits and foliages. Support will position to plant to receive the amount of sunlight it needs for the day.

  1. Easy harvesting

Support also makes harvesting easy. The fruits are visible and can be hand-picked easily.

Besides, the trellis systems too helps to achieve the quality of your crops.


There are many benefits in supporting vegetables as they grow. The main aim of cultivating crops is to increase yield and this can be achieved when crops are provided with the right support. There are different types of vegetable supports and choosing the right one for your vegetable crops will offer more benefits.

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