Reasons to use Anti bird netting: Solves the Threat of Flying Pests

5 benefits of using anti bird netting

Long-term Protection with bird control netting

Gardeners who are cultivating fruits, vegetables and other garden crops birds feed on must prepare for possible attack. Birds come in their numbers to attack crops and end up causing significant damage to these crops. Gardeners cultivating crops in areas under heavy attack by these destructive birds can protect crops with anti bird netting. The net is very effective and offers the right protection to completely secure crops from bird damages.
There are many reasons and benefits of using the netting to protect crops from possible attack. A look at

The benefits and what it takes to install these netting reveals that it is better to install.

anti bird netting over grape vines
An effective way to protect table grapes is to install antibird netting.

Durable and Sturdy Nets are Good Investment

anti bird netting over trees
Anti bird netting installed over fruit trees to protect its crops from frugivore birds.

Nets are made of the strong highest-quality material, they are available in different shapes and sizes, and they are UV stabilized. The lifespan of some nets has been estimated up to 7 years. The durability is what counts in every good investment, and anti-bird netting pays off. The installation is simple and easy. It does not require extra workers or some special effort. You can do it yourself or with the help of some family member or a friend. A palette of different color is available, from white and light green to black. Light stabilizer moderates shading. This additional feature adds one more dimension of protection. Except for birds, it protects from strong light. Light green net merges with the garden as one. You can hardly notice that it is there. Quality nets will never do any harm to birds. They only keep the plants safe from birds’ pecking. Some birds’ species are protected by the law in certain areas. A few additional functions of nets, such as UV and light stabilizer help in preserving an optimal environment for the safe growth of your seedlings. These enhancements also affect the longevity of the net. It can be used over and over again in the next years. The net has been designed for an easy operation and it can be stored off the season. There is no need to invest new GUACAMALLAS nets every year for the same purpose.

There are many benefits in installing the anti bird netting to protect crops. They include:

1.    UV stabilized and rot free plastic
Unlike metal netting, the materials used in making the anti bird netting does not rot. You can make use of it to grow crops for long period. Another benefit of this netting is that it is UV stabilized. Which means it cannot be damaged by UV rays.

2.    Cost effective
Considering the value of the damage birds can bring upon crops, installing netting is a wise-choice. Gardeners always consider ways to reduce the cost of input to make more profit and using this netting is the best way. It protects fruits, vegetables and tree crops from birds thereby increasing yield and profit.

3.    Allows pollinating insects to pass through
The hole in the net might block birds from passing through but it allows pollinating insects to gain entrance. On the other hand, the net also allows sunlight and moisture to get to the crop. For crops that require an adequate amount of sunlight per day, the net does not interfere. It allows an adequate amount of sunlight for the day to get to crops.

4.    High tensile strength and lightweight
The net has many unique qualities and features that make it amazing and usable. In addition to the fact that it can be reused, it also has a lightweight and great tensile strength. The light weight and flexibility make it easier for installation.

5.    Simple to use
The netting is also very simple to use and easy to install. It can be installed over fruits, vegetables, and tree crops. For tree crops, it can be cut into size to suit the purpose.
There are many reasons and benefits that can lure more gardeners to install the antibird nets on their gardens. The net is cost effective and also durable. It protects crops from bird attack and it’s very effective. By protecting crops, it also helps to increase yield and cause the gardener to make more profit.


Bird Protection is the Main Condition of Successful Growing

Breeders of fruit and vegetables apply anti-bird netting to protect their farms, gardens, and the ponds. The market is overwhelmed with the same or similar products but only high-quality nets accord with the modern standards of agriculture. The protection has to be considered on time, just after the sowing. Careful planning will provide your crop to evolve under optimal conditions. The nets are available in different widths so they can suit every surface from the small suburban gardens to the large fields. Before you decide which net will in the best way meet your requirements, think about the diversity of birds. The proper net will repel even the smallest among them. The nets with small size holes can also stop butterflies. If applied over ponds, this net will prevent leaves and other debris to fall into the water. Anti-bird netting shows excellent results in protecting all kinds of seedlings. It does not matter if you are growing soft fruits, vegetables or berries.

bird netting installed on stakes or arches
BIrd netting can be installed on stakes or arches like in this case over trees or bushes.

Birds and the Health Risk can be controlled with bird nets.

Birds are usual residents in our surroundings. They play an important role in the food chain but sometimes they represent a serious health risk. It is especially true for pigeons. Pigeons often act as pests, and they are similar to rats. Your crop seems as an ideal environment for birds’ nests. You should be aware that nests and bird droppings can damage your asset and transmit a disease. Birds host over sixty infectious diseases. Most of them do not represent a risk for human health thanks to the limited interaction with birds. The situation with your crop is different. One bite of the fruit makes it vulnerable. Bacteria spread fast causing the rot that can pass on to other fruits, especially if harvested together. Even before the rotting starts, the structure and appearance of your product have been changed. Consequently, the value has been reduced.

Urban farmers are a fast growing group of enthusiast who had turned their backyards into wonderful gardens. Anti bird netting is suitable for small gardens as well as for much spacious surfaces. Unfortunately, pigeons are completely adapted to urban areas, besides some other species, such as starling and sparrow. Their droppings may come into fruits or vegetables and spread the ailment into humans. Some salmonella infections have been credited to pigeons. Anti-pigeon solutions that are birds friendly are the best option to exclude the health risk.

anti bird netting on trees
Anti bird netting can be installed over trees directly on the branches or using a structure.

Nets are an Effective Deterrent for Bird Pests

Nets have a very widespread use in the protection of the crops but farmers and breeders use them in the protection of small animals too. Aviary netting is a bird control product that repels predators. Poultry is a prey to falcons and hawks, and the only way to keep it safe is to use aviaries. Most of them are made from the black polyethylene. UV treatment ensures the longevity of the net. This kind of anti-bird netting is profitable, long-lasting, and 100% effective. Every valuable asset can be protected and preserved instead of being exposed to a risk. Whether you grow fruits or vegetables or you have the chicken farm, the protection is an integral part of your business plan. The investment and effort do matter for the final result that is supposed to meet your expectations. As a responsible farmer, you will take care of your property. By implementing of anti-bird netting a range of problems will not exist anymore. It is a physical barrier that is sturdy and constructed to admit light, air, and humidity but it has a zero-tolerance for the pests. There is no other way to deter birds from visiting your property that is so effective and in accordance with standards.

Vegetables protected by anti bird nets
Bird control nets also work to prevents butterflies from laying eggs on vegetables as these will transfor into an army of hungry caterpillars.

Birds are all around us but when it comes to our crops or poultry, they are not welcomed. We are supposed to prevent them to damage fruits or vegetables. Otherwise, we expose the yield to a risk. At the time of the harvest, the result may differ from the expected one, and it would be partially our own mistake. The list of unwanted consequences is long. Among most often are changes in the appearance and structure, rot or infections. Although a lot of effort has been invested through the year, it will not pay off unless the necessary investment in anti-bird netting has been included. It is the inevitable part of the successful strategy.

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