Qualities to Consider in Choosing the Best Livestock Blackout Curtain

You can make your livestock healthier and more comfortable with a livestock blackout curtain. The curtain allows for ventilation during the summer and disallows the negative effects of harsh weather on your herds, broods and flocks. Livestock blackout curtain is one of the most common items that is used in barns. It is available at farm stores and can be controlled electrically.

shade net installed for protect animals
The curtain stabilizes the temperature to protect livestock animals.

When installing the livestock blackout curtain in your barn, there are different curtain systems that you can adopt. Roll up and drop-down systems are some of them. The Roll up system requires a conduit and crank control mechanism for it to function. And to configure the conduit and crank mechanism, you need a combination of tools. The Roll up curtain system is controlled manually in such a way that the curtain is rolled up. The system gives room for ventilation and radiance in the barn.

The Drop-down blackout curtain system is recognised for the drop-down manner with which the curtain moves when controlled. It is easy to use and commonly installed in poultry and calf barns. Drop-down system is effective for making provision for ventilation without endangering the animals. The system works in a way that ensures that air inflow drifts above the livestock and blends into the warm air that is in the ceiling. To install the drop-down system, you need a pulley, a winch and other devices to configure a winch and pulley system.

shade net used for provide protection to crops
The effective protection of your livestock will prevent them from suffering from dehydration.

Choosing the Best livestock blackout curtain for Your Barn

  • Consider the material

Livestock blackout curtain come is different varieties of materials. Some blackout curtains are made of polymax while others are created from VinylTek or numerous other materials. However, the kind of material used for the livestock blackout curtain determines its effectiveness. Therefore, enquire about the material used for the curtain before purchasing it.

  • Consider size

Your livestock blackout curtain must be able to cover the windows that you have created in your barn. The curtain must be a perfect fit for the window, making it possible for the opening to be completely covered when the need arises.  When selecting the livestock blackout curtain, ensure that it is about two feet lengthier than the opening you want to use it for. This enables it to fasten to the curtain pockets. Also, purchase a livestock blackout curtain that features a hem that can fit a pipe. You should go for curtains with wide hem if you desire to maintain a roll up curtain system in your barn.

livestock blackout curtain
There are several types of nets that you can use to protect your livestock, so you should choose the one that best meets your needs.

Besides the material and size of the curtain barn, ask for a curtain with either of the following features or a combination of the two to acquire the best choice:

  • UV resistance: This prevents against degradation caused by sunlight. UV resistance makes the livestock blackout curtain
  • Translucence: if the livestock blackout curtain is translucent, it has a see-through feature which gives room for natural light in the barn. Natural light creates a healthy environment that contributes to the wellness of the livestock. When you provide for natural light, you begin to notice as your livestock gain body weight and become more productive.

The size and material of the livestock blackout curtain determine its effectiveness. Ask about them when purchasing a curtain for you barn.

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