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Protecting your tomatoes against cold night with INVERNAVELO frost protection blanket.

Horticultural fleece used on tomatoes will allow you an early harvest.

Tomatoes do not have the capacity of withstanding frost unless they are grown in the proper microclimate. There are different frost protection blanket to use in safeguarding young plants during spring and mature ones during the fall.

frost protection blanket enclosing leafy vegetables
Frost blanket enclosing leafy vegetables, this fabric protects plants against cold spells and insects.

If you plan properly, you can be fully ready when it does not look good for tomatoes. Individual plant covers can be used in protecting each plant against frost.These are helpful if your tomatoes are grown in pots or containers. You should know the following about individual plant covers:

  •  They are mostly made of nonwoven polypropylene fabric, which is breathable and lightweight.
  • You can reuse they from one season to another
  • They come in various sizes irrespective of the size of tomato you grow.
  • Most of them have cord locks and drawstrings, which helps in holding them into place.

They provide with 5 to 10° degree frost protection blanket.

Row covers for the protection of frost

You can protect your tomatoes planted in the garden by using frost protection blanket against cold temperature. During the day, the sun is warm and it penetrates into the soil. While at night, the heat captured by the soil helps in protecting the plants from the frost. They also provide a form of protection against frost and cold temperatures.

frost protection fabric used inside a greenhouse
Even plants inside a greenhouse may suffer from frost during cold winters. Frost protection fabrics.

When it comes to a frost protection blanket there are two common row covers

Floating row covers:

These comprise of sheets of light weighted fabric, which are directly draped over the tomato plants. They are ideal for mature tomato plants and spring tomato seedlings because you can adjust the height. Most of these covers are produced from non-woven, light-colored, and breathable fabric, which give room to conduct light. What this means is that you do not have to remove them during the day. They can stay for a longer time. They are reusable season in and out.

frost blanket in landscaping
Frost blankets are commonly used in landscaping to increase the rate of growth for small ornamentals and even lawns, protecting seedlings from the pounding effects of rain drops.

Tunnel Row Covers:

These are different from the floating row covers because they provide coverage for the entire seedlings or tomato plants. Most of them are not tall enough to cover the matured tomatoes. The best time to use them is during spring in order to protect the tomato plant from late frost. Tunnel row covers can be made or purchased. They are actually made of fiberglass hoops or wire.

frost protection tunnels are used commonly for vegetables
Frost protection tunnels are used commonly for vegetables.

How to make your own microclimate tunnels for growing vegetables

  • Buy either fiberglass hoops or inexpensive wire to make the row covers
  • Set the hoops between three to five feet apart
  • Drape the garden fabric, lightweight netting, or plastic along the hoops.
  • Bury the edges of the plastic or garden fabric into the soil. You can also secure it with garden staples.
  • If you are covering it on a raised bed, ensure the edges are attached to the draped material.
  • The tunnels should be removed when the period of frost is over.

Water for frost protection

Looking for a good insulator, water is one. It has the ability to absorb and sustaining heat collected from sunlight. Additionally, when the water freezes, it gives some amount of heat. You can use a frost protection blanket or plastic sheeting to protect your tomato plants. No matter the one chosen, you should be careful with it as not to endanger the plants.

frost blankets are used season after season
This lightweight row cover fabric can be used many seasons and works even with small cuts from the many times it has been installed.

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