Protecting shrimp from birds: An important part of shrimp farming

Protecting shrimp from birds

Avoid lose amount of their investment caused for the bird attack.

Every living thing has to feed to survive. They either act as predators or become prey. Shrimps are preyed upon by birds. They preyed on shrimps and reduce the population of the livestock in the pond or water body. Shrimp farmers go through such losses on a yearly basis. They end up losing a large amount of their investment to predator attacks and because of poor management practices.
There are ways farmers who are raising shrimps can protect their livestock from predators. The most important thing is to understand whether the livestock is attacked by predators or not. Identifying the predators that come around the pond or water body is the first step to taken in order to control the predators that come around. Identifying the predator will help the farmer to use the right measure of protecting shrimp from birds. This makes the farm management much easier and helps the farmer to have more shrimp at harvest time.
Using plastic netting for growing shrimps is effective. Netting makes a great predator barrier. The feature of the net is that it is lightweight, durable and a very easy to use a barrier. It protects the shrimp against herons, egrets, and others. Netting has been in use for some time now.
Protecting shrimp from birds has been used for shrimp farmers for many years. The system which involves the use of nets has proven to be very effective and is used both for an artificial or natural pond as well as a lake.

Choosing net for protecting shrimps from bird

bird net used for shripms protection
Use the net is a best method for protection of shrimps,as it, is very durable, beiing a good option for protection.

Nets used for protecting shrimps from birds come in different grades and have different hole size. The type and size of the predators that troubles a particular area determine the size of the net to choose. In addition, the net should also be strong enough to withstand the weight and aggression of the birds. The aquaculture net is UV stabilized and has the capacity to withstand UV rays.  Installation is also very important when using a net to protect shrimps and other livestock.
Nets should also be placed properly to secure the entire pond completely. Birds would get aggressive and try to force their way through the net. A properly installed net would also withstand the pressure and weight of predators to give complete protection.
Protecting shrimps from birds using nets is very effective. Many shrimp farmers who have problems with predator attacks reported success using a net to protect their livestock. Using nets to protect shrimp is highly cost-effective. The loss farmers incur when their livestock is attacked by predators is higher than what it takes to set up protective measures.

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