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Protect your investment by installing bird protection netting for your crops.

Bird damage is a serious issue, bird protection of trees and plantations is a must in order to assure economic results.

Birds can become a serious threat to farmers who do not have bird protection netting on their crops. Farmers try to make sure their economic results are maximized, and in a variety of ways take care of their cultivation and fruit trees, taking many steps to ensure that agricultural activities in a field come in a timely manner ensuring that the crop is kept as healthy as possible to maximize returns with a high market price and abundant production. Also, when the time arrives to harvest production, farmers will provides protection to the post-harvest from possible causes that can put it at risk, such as diseases and direct mechanical damage from pests that can attack the cases or fruits or grain barns storing the product before going to market.  These damages come from the lack of bird protection netting such in the case of birds.

Bird protection in sunflower and corn crops.
Bird protection in sunflower and corn crops.

Birds will look for farming areas without any bird netting as crop protection as a way to feed efficiently and reproduce without major elements against them.  Once bird flocks find agricultural areas without bird protection, which can represent a great potential area to live, since one of the main factors of survival is highly available food, birds will start to populate the area and reproduce many generations of birds which will adapt to any type of  temporary fixes such as noise cannons, scarecrows or plastic rapacious birds silhouettes. This circumstance leads birds to search for areas near the crops where they can nest and feed daily. If the situation persists during several crop cycles, the production loss will continue to increase with the bird population, feeding more and more from the crop, until they become a pest and directly affect farmers.  It is very important that from the very first signs of the presence of birds threatening crops, measures are taken immediately “breaking the habit”.

When birds find a place with water and food, they tend to live near these areas and begin to reproduce, establishing new generations, therefore the bird population continues to grow until it becomes a pest.

Damages caused by birds to the crops can be devastating for farmers.
Damages caused by birds to the crops can be devastating for farmers.

Bird protection methods.

 Several bird protection methods are used to protect the grains or fruits of the harvest, such as deterrent and scaring tactics and tools, technological and obstruction methods.  As an example of the obstruction methods we can find the bird protection netting mesh. This type of mesh turns out to be the best bird protection system as it fulfills its goal to protect the crop by keeping 100% of the birds away.  This perfect bird barrier impedes the passage of birds without threatening or  harming them.  Netting methods that are not aggressive to birds are more desirable as crop protection.

Production losses in crops without bird net are quite substantial.
Production losses in crops without bird protection net are quite substantial.

Bird protection meshes or nets have the characteristic of being easy to manipulate and trim to size, allowing their easy installation among the different crops that they intend to protect be it in a blueberry macro tunnel, a greenhouse or an open field crop. Bird protection nets can be installed to protect either low growing crops  (as berries or grains as sweet corn)  or tall fruit trees and blocking the passage ways o, and rather than  installing scarecrows where birds get used to their presence and end up coming back without fear, the mesh provides a total physical barrier as protection against frugivorous birds.

Woodpecker feeding on a fruit tree without bird netting.
Woodpecker feeding on a fruit tree without bird protection.

It is recommended to install the bird protection mesh netting immediately upon sighting any bird representing a risk for the harvest preventing any loss.  Birds are quick learners and their instinct is to copy the behaviors of other birds.  If only a few birds start using your farm as a feeding ground, pretty soon other birds will flock together and learn where the easy areas to access to food are.

Grape protected with GUACAMALLAS® bird barrier
A single grape bitten (pecked) by a bird can spoil the commercial value of the whole bunch as it will become visually unappealing plus the sanitary risk of the whole case becoming infected by pathogens transmitted by birds and rot completely.

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    Bird Control Net Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5x500m (197″x1640′, 0.8″x0.8″)

    MXN $8,500.00 MXN $8,234.65 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $7,740.57 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Pigeon Control Net Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5x10m (197″x394″, 0.8″x0.8″)

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    Bird Netting Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5×50 meters (197″x164′, 0.8″x0.8″)

    MXN $1,081.87 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $1,016.96 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Anti Bird Mesh Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5x100m (197″x328′, 0.8″x0.8″)

    MXN $2,111.74 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $1,985.04 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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