Thermal Blankets

The use of thermal blankets for frost protection or forcing crops is very widespread among farmers and technological crops, not only helps to avoid damage by brief frosts but also accelerates the initial growth of the plants and allows them to go to the market before the competition, therefore managing to capture higher prices before everyone in the same region comes out with horticultural production. The INVERNAVELO ® fabric of non-woven (non-woven fabric or TNT) to create micro-tunnels or macro-tunnels is also used directly on melon and watermelon grooves to avoid damage and diseases brought by insects and help plants to grow before flowering (as beneficial pollinating insects will have to be allowed to do their job). The same fabric but in a heavier gauge is used to protect avocado trees and citrus fruits from winter frosts. INVERNAVELO ® photo-selective blankets accelerate the growth and development of the plant.