Privacy and Windbreakers

HORTOMALLAS ® specializes in concealment nets and other products that guarantee visual privacy between grounds, fences, terraces or balconies. Depending on the type of project, there are products ranging from a very economical OBAMALLA ® woven raschel 88% which is made of flat polyethylene yarn to a very closed and decorative ERBETTA ® which simulates artificial foliage using a wide variety of plants. The BAMBUTATE ® product is an artificial bamboo reed that resists the sun and water very well and lasts for many years while giving the elegant appearance of a natural product without the need for maintenance. These products are very quick to install and replace the well-known PVC strip or ribbon that is woven into cyclone mesh fences. HORTOMALLAS ® products act as windbreaks, noise reducers, barriers against dust and garbage that comes from the streets. For full coverage without being able to see anything on the other side, we recommend the very economical product called MALAGRED ® .