Privacy net: block the view of prying eyes

privacy net
Use of OBAMALLA privacy net on fencing

The privacy net gets installed directly on preexisting structures in your yard or garden.  It can be used to block the view of your car or to avoid having neighbors see your house or terrace roof.  Used a lot to block the view of construction sites in urban settings, it is also useful for preventing dust and debris from landing in the street or from bothering the neighbors.  The closed structure of OBAMALLA means that it can also be used as a windbreak for crops of produce or for terraces and balconies.

Especially for construction projects, when you don’t want to draw the attention of inspectors or easily annoyed neighbors, it is recommended to use green privacy net, because, in addition to not being able to see through it, by being green it blends in with natural surroundings.  Installing this privacy barrier on a chain link fence gives the impression that the owners care about and respect the rights and concerns of the immediate neighbors and the neighborhood in general.

shade net
 OBAMALLA privacy net in green

Many home owners use the green OBAMALLA privacy net in order to block their neighbors’ view of backyards or interior patios.  This netting also works as a windbreak on terraces so that clothes can be hung out without having them blow away.

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