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Price of SCROG and SOG netting

HORTOMALLAS, the lowest price of SCROG and SOG netting.

Economical method to save space and time in medical plant cultivations.

HORTOMALLAS offers the lowest price of SCROG and SOG netting.

SCROG and SOG netting improve the growth of medical plants indoors and outdoors.

There are several harassing elements that generally affect medical plants such as insects, diseases, weeds, and other organisms. Even stress can weaken the plant and reduce production. To avoid a lot of work and costs in pesticides and harvest loss, it is better to prevent the diseases and the stress, using SCROG and SOG netting. HORTOMALLAS is a good price alternative to get a higher yield.

Mechanical and thermal stress

When applying the SOG method, it is important to choose the appropriate plant variety.

When applying the SOG method, it is important to choose the appropriate plant variety.

SCROG and SOG netting prevent mechanical and thermal stress.

Mechanical stress is due to a frequent and intense manipulation of the plants. In an effort to maintain the plants erect, tutoring system based on raffia provoke an excess of handwork. SCROG and SOG netting, reducing the need of guiding and fixing the branches manually, diminish the mechanical stress. As a consequence the plants grow more rigorous and production increases.

Thermal stress has various negative effect on the plant development, especially in early stages of the plant life with alterations of the color of the leave. SCROG and SOG netting help in getting a more uniform light exposition, so that the risk of burning some part of the vegetable canopy is reduced.

Moreover SCROG and SOG net improves air circulation that contributes to keep ideal conditions of temperature and humidity. By taking the plant off the ground, watering does not affect the vegetal material. It goes directly to the root. Consequently, the ambient is less humid and less favorable to attract insects, bacteria and fungi.

Besides, a good plant support system reduces the need of fertilizers and pesticides.

SCROG and SOG Netting effective protection against diseases

Many diseases can affect medical plants: bacteria infestations, mold and viruses.

Insects that can infest the plant include aphids, mites, whiteflies and many others. The traditional way to get rid of insects is spraying a pesticide solution. However many insects get resistant to chemical products. The best method to act against the risk of diseases is preventing them using SCROG and SOG netting. Most of the problems are avoided keeping the humidity low. SCROG and SOG netting are very effective in reducing humidity.

This avoids the risk of a virus infection of tobacco caused by the manipulation of the branches. The hands in fact become a vector of transmission of this Virus.

This avoids the risk of a virus infection of tobacco caused by the manipulation of the branches. The hands in fact become a vector of transmission of this Virus.

Diseases and harmful insects can ruin up to 30% of the crop, and this is why the world’s agricultural industry has invested heavily in new product research ad development. HORTOMALLAS is a leading innovative brand of SGROG and SOG netting at the best price.

HORTOMALLAS assures a clean and healthy environment for growing the plant. In addition reducing the need to touch the plant during the tutoring operation, it actually limit the proliferation of viruses. Perfect conditions for fungus development are a humid soil and the lack of ventilation. Botrytis is one of the most popular mycotic disease. It is very difficult to detect it and it increases with humidity until it penetrates in the flower and it is too late to save the plant.

Hortomallas SA de CV

HORTOMALLAS manufactures and markets crop support nettings (trellising and tutoring as alternatives to the raffia twine labor intensive traditional system) that increase crop quality. Our Mission is to: INCREASE VEGETABLE CROP YIELD AND PROFITABILITY TO ALL THOSE VEGETABLES THAT NEED TUTORING AND SUPPORT USING NETTING INSTEAD OF RAFFIA. Since 1994 we help professional growers and farmers improve their cucumber, tomatoes, melon, zucchini, bean, chile, peppers crops where trellises and supports are needed. HORTOMALLAS is the ideal system for cucurbitacea and solonacea to improve their phytosanitary conditions, while increasing the solar exposure and the brix degrees. Besides the obvious labor costs savings, the use of HORTOMALLAS increases the life span of the plant, allowing longer periods of harvests and of a greater quality. Call us, our crop specialists will help you with specialized attention in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula!

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