Pond netting

Pond netting is a very resistant high-density polypropylene netting that can have different applications with multiple advantages.

pond net used for care and protection
The net of ponds prevent predators from invading the lake.

First of all it can be successfully used to keep the ponds free of leaves and predators. Pond netting is a strong barrier that can be easily installed on ponds, tanks and pools of any dimensions to keep the water clean and take birds and other animals away. It does not rot nor oxide so it is especially durable and suitable for fish breeding environments. It is also safe for the animals thanks to its smooth edges.

Secondly it is commonly used in industrial settings such as mines, and refining plants to contain waste material and prevent it to contaminate the environment.

Pond netting for protecting ponds from birds in aquaculture

installed network to protect pond
Using the pond net is a good aquaculture practice to protect your fish from wild predators.

Pond netting is also useful as a barrier against any kind of avian predators.
Birds are a danger for fish farming and fish reserves. Aquafarming, is the intensive cultivation of fishes and molluscs, crustaceans, where conditions of the water are kept under control.  Shrimps farms are an example of this kind of farming for commercial purposes. In aquaculture pond netting blocks many species of sea-birds: pelicans, cormorants, seagulls, egrets, herons, nuisance birds, birds of prey and other predators thanks to the resistant mesh. Pond netting impede them reaching the water and the fishes. In addition they help in maintaining  a good environment in which the fish can better develop. As a consequence production increase and so the profits. Lightweight, pond netting is ideal for any water collection area.

pond net installed in lake
With the pond net you can protect your young fish.

Suitable for salt and sweet water, above water and underwater for creating cages, traps, and trays, divisions, screens, covers, and barriers.
Cages are used in farming fish to preserve fishes in floating areas keeping away avian predators as well as turtles. Pond netting guarantees the regular water flow.
Pond netting can be applied for growing a great variety of fishes: cat fishes, shirms, oysters among others.

Pond netting for industrial applications

Thanks to its technical features – resistance, durability, heavy duty – pond netting is apt to be used in industrial environments, where there are chemical fluids – toxic or non toxic – such as in oil refineries or mines, or waste facilities. Made from high tensile strength material and UV stabilized pond netting resists to chemical deterioration.
Pond Netting is suitable for covering tailing and retention ponds, and industrial – oil and water – sites.


Pond netting does not have impact on the environment: practically invisible, but still detectable by the birds, it does not need maintenance.  It is also safe for animals because it does not corrode and does not tear.
It helps that mining processes and liquid treatments, like, leaching, minimize impact on the environment. As a barrier that confines waste products, results of treatments and sedimentation, so that they do not contaminate the adjacent soil. Used also as a barrier for PVC lined dams.

Structures made out of pond netting separate harmful substances during chemical processes. For instance cyanide is a material used in gold and silver mines and it is risky for human health and the environment.

pond protection net

Pond netting for protecting pools from leaves

With the pond net prevents birds from reaching and attacking.

Designed to create a barrier to avoid leaves dropping in the water. Pond netting must be laid over the pool, tensioned and then fastened. It is used to cover any open water area of any size and shape thanks to its flexibility. Easy to install and easy to remove and store.
When leaves decompose they release toxic elements, like gases, that can poison the fishes altering the PH levels. Conifer leaves are especially dangerous.
The maintenance labor needed to clean the tanks is worth the installation of pond netting that take out the leaves.

In summary,pond netting multiple applications.

pond net installed to protect ponds

You can use the pond network in lakes, swamps, lagoons, etc.

– Environmental safety barrier
– Industrial applications, in oil and petroleum fields. Tank and bond covers.
– Protection and separations in fish farming to save and enhance production against predators attacks
– In mines the use of pond netting is useful to keep the wildlife animals away from the harmful chemical materials produced in the process of extracting minerals. It is the so called Cyanide pond cover netting which are mandatory in the United States.
– Filter applications for assuring aeration in aquaculture water tanks, maintaining circulation system clean and protecting the pump.
– Used as a fence for containing pheasants, quails, chicken and other small animals and as deer fencing netting
– Applied in architectural and engineering projects for erosion control
– Protection of plants, vegetables and fruits trees from avian attacks
– Prevention of bird damages in buildings and monuments, especially roofs and other structures that require birds exclusion, like air conditioning and drainage systems. Other examples of common applications: silos, garages, hangars, warehouses, parking.

Installation tips for Pond netting

Pond net

Be sure of choosing the right mesh according to the leaf dimensions.
Install the netting over the pond, considering also the weight of the leaves. For a more complete and safe installation, use frames or a cables. The system must be designed to be able to remove the leaves regularly to avoid to concentrate and eventually dry and fall in the water.
The easiest and fastest method consists in stretching the netting over the pond and fix it with rocks or stakes.
It is possible to use a cable installed all around the tank. Then put the netting over the cable system and secure it with rings.

Features of pond netting

Pond netting
The pond net provides sturdy protection to prevent predators from attacking fish.

– Very resistant even submerged in chemical and toxic liquids.
– High temperatures do not alter its feature and strength.
– Washable.
– It does not rot nor rust, and does not corrode.
– UV stabilized for more durability.
– Non harmful for wild animals.
– Economical.
– Almost invisible, it does not have major visual impact.
– Made of polypropylene, pond netting floats, so it can be installed as a suspensive cover wherever it is required to block predators, to avoid injury of wild animals for example.
– High strength and light  at the same time.
– More resistant than nylon and polyester and it does not deform with changes in humidity.
– Flexible and adjustable to any area.
– Heavy duty meshes.
– Not harmful for the animals.

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