Plastic canvas mesh for crafts, weaving a rug with plastic mesh, coasters, bags and more

There are a myriad of crafts and handmade creations that can be carried out using plastic canvas: weaving rugs, knitting bags, purses and wallets for example. The plastic mesh suitable to make crafts is made of polyethylene and is semi-rigid but very resistant. Depending on the type and thickness of the material with which to weave and according to the use and final appearance of the object you want to make, you can choose the plastic canvas mesh with squares of 10 mm, 5 mm or 1 mm.

techniques for weaving on the mesh grid
The plastic mesh is multipurpose as this mesh is make it´s done with a resistant and very durable material.

Weaving a rug with plastic mesh.

Weaving a rug with plastic mesh is very simple and possible for everyone, with or without experience in crafts. Different techniques and materials can be used.
First, to weave a mesh mat, you should get a mesh with holes not tightly closed, of about 5 or 10 mm. The piece of mesh determines the size of the rug. The plastic mesh is an excellent base because it is economical and can be easily cut with simple scissors and adaptable to any measure. The squares are a plot that is the basis for the carpet design. You can even use different colors and mark the various squares according to the desired draw.
Then you have to choose the material with which to weave the rug with plastic canvas mesh. You can get a cheap blanket and cut it into strips, or use strips already available like T-shirt yarn. The size of the strips should be approximately 5-6 cm. In each square or hole you make a knot with a strip. Gradually, with patience, proceed to weave the rug by making as many knots as the squares of the plastic canvas mesh. You can jump a square to save a little time and work, without affecting the appearance of the whole. Just take care that there are no visible holes, making sure to alternating squares. You can weave a rug with plastic canvas mesh also using woolen yarn. For this purpose a plastic canvas mesh with 1mm holes is recommended. In this case the knitting operation is facilitated using a crochet needle or upholstery hook. The yarn is inserted in the squares underneath with the help of the needle and then above the weft. Finally make a knot. Go on with all the grid squares.

plastic canvas mesh
Weaving doesn’t require experience, it´’s very easy to realize, too can do the woven applying many ways to weave.

Do needlepoint handmade crafts using plastic canvas mesh, knitting purses and wallets.

In order to weave bags, purses or wallets doing needlepoint with plastic canvas mesh it is advisable to use a net with squares of 10 mm. T-shirt yarn is ideal, but you can use also the raffia once unrolled and unfolded with optimum results. A wool needle with a round tip and a wide buttonhole so that the yarn or raffia can be passed trough will make the job easier. First, you should have cut the pieces of mesh that will compose the bag, purse or wallet. Then cut the yarn or raffia to an extent that is comfortable to work with. One way to weave the bag or purse is with a “checkered” design. To do this you should start at a corner of the mesh leaving two holes of the grid above and below. The yarn is passed through the hole and a knot is made to block it. Then it can be finished with hot silicone. The yarn or the raffia is passed under a square and then it is inserted. Proceeding by going up “diagonally”. At the end all the pieces are joined, adjusting corners and covering the joints. Weaving bags, purses and wallets is very simple with the right material, eventually choosing different colors to create original drawings.

plastic mesh in crafts
A popular way to realize the weave is the “checkered” design, in which you can use for weave is raffia or yard.

Plastic canvas coaster.

With the plastic canvas mesh, tablecloths and coasters can also be easily made. Creativity has no limits and the mesh base lends itself to a myriad of handheld applications. You only need the plastic mesh with the proper sized holes, any fiber yarn, scissors, and crochet hooks for needlepoint.

Separator made with polyhardware mesh
The only limit is your creativity, with the plastic mesh can do many things, only need the suitable plastic mesh and the suitable materials.

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