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Plant Net Mesh

Plant net mesh is very popular gardeners or commercial bean farmers who use it in several ways. This is because there are certain varieties of crops that require netting in order to thrive very well. Plant net mesh helps to provide more space in a farm or garden and thus helps to improve growth and may even increase yield at harvest time.

Plant net mesh

Ways to a Plant Net Mesh

There are a variety of ways in which Plant Net Mesh can be used, sometimes depending on the types of plant it is going to be used for. Some of the methods include:

Vertical Position

In this position in which the netting extends between two or more farm poles is really good for climbing plants such as peas, grapes, and green beans. The net can also be tied to stakes or bamboo sticks. The essence of the net mesh is to allow climbing plants the space to disperse, grow well, and receive maximum ventilation and exposure to the sun without getting jumbled up. When a Plant net mesh is used in a vertical position, it makes it very easy for plants to grow ornamental surfaces like garden walls, fences, and other landscaping structures.

Plant net mesh

A-Frame Ground Position

Even though some other plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, gourds, and squash can grow in vertical plant net mesh, they take too much space on the ground. Thus if you want to make the most of the space you have, it is better to use the netting and garden poles in an A-frame shape that is diagonal to the ground. In this position, your plants will receive enough air and light exposure and create more space. Furthermore, an A-frame structure will provide the needed support for heavier crops and vegetables.

Ornamental Plant Net Mesh

Decorative plants that climb, such as ivy, sweet peas, climbing roses, and other flowers can be cultivated attractively against a wall, fence, or landscaping structures by stretching plant mesh net along the exterior and hold it on the sides with poles or stakes. In the process of putting netting against a wall, fence, or other structure, do ensure that you put it in an area where the plants can receive approximately five hours of sun a day, without any hindrance from other crops.

Plant net mesh

Advantages of Plant Net Mesh

The advantages of Plant net mesh include:

  • They are very perfect for growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers in places where the space for planting the vegetables or flowers is limited

  • Since it allows your plants and flowers to be able to receive very good sunlight, owing to its ability to spread out the plants efficiently, it offers more abundant and healthier plants.

  • In comparison to other options that may come at a higher price, Plant Net Mesh is a very cheap option especially considering all the advantages it brings.

  • Even an individual that have never installed a plant net mesh before can fix it because it is easy to install and remove.

  • Best of all, it can be reused many times, season after season.


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