Planning an outdoor event?  Protective netting for diners at restaurants and family meals.  Advice for hosting the perfect outdoor meal.

Protective netting for diners is quickly and easily installed to avoid having leaves and bird droppings fall where they will bother diners, be it at a restaurant patio or a special outdoor event. Leisurely, enjoyable, and agreeable for all– a lunch outdoors, be it in our backyard or at a park, in the woods, at the beach, or in the countryside, a picnic is always a splendid opportunity for the family to be together and enjoy themselves. It’s a treat for everyone to stay in the backyard all day, playing, relaxing, eating. For this reason, we are now making known a solution within everyone’s grasp, which is a remedy for hosting a pleasant day with little and without needing to make reservations for a vacation or a restaurant. You can be at ease even in the city:  leisure is always possible thanks to protective netting for diners.

Where to hold the picnic

Contrary to what you may think, you do not need a large space to hold a picnic.  For example, you can also hold a picnic out on a patio, on a balcony, or in a small, private backyard.

The basic idea is to take advantage of good weather to be with friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.  Obviously, in keeping with what you want and your willingness, you can also plan for a more structured and sophisticated event.  For the family gathering for a meal in the backyard to be a pleasant one, attention needs to be paid to a few important details to be sure that the event is a successful one, especially when it comes to choosing the location.  Here’s our advice:


malla sombra OBAMALLA
With the shade mesh you can cover yourself from the sun in meetings with family.
  • Choose a more solid area of the backyard, for example, one with gravel rather than on grass, for the tables to be more stable. 
  • A corner between trees is best.
  • Check for exposure to sun, wind, and birds.

The advantages of pergolas for protection from sun and heat

When planning to be outdoors for many hours it is indispensable to make plans for protecting yourself from the sun and heat.  Simply put, the tables should not be exposed to the sun. Even though it is nice to be in the sun for short periods, an entire meal out in the sun and heat can have unpleasant consequences.  For this reason, make sure that you have a covering, a canopy, or a large shade umbrella to keep the diners in the shade. Putting up some temporary canopies using protective netting for diners is relatively simple.  Thanks to our shade netting, pieces of different sizes and shapes can be cut at very low costs. Being out in the burning sun, being bathed with bird droppings, leaves and resin from the trees, and other freebies from the heavens is a cause for real despair. The sun, especially at certain times of the year, can cause a significant rise in temperature and the heat can get to be intolerable.  A beautiful protective shade structure, with shade cloth installed on the appropriate support, takes care of all of these problems to be able to enjoy balconies, patios, and backyards.

malla para protección de comensales
The protective netting for diners makes it possible to host outdoor meals and other events in the backyard or on a balcony.

Shade netting protects against the sun and the wind, and, unlike the classical canvass event-tarp, it allows air to pass through and does not create a layer of humidity.  Spending summer days outdoors has never been so easy.

If you are planning a meal in a park, in an area with facilities, or in the countryside, you can easily transport everything you need in a car:  tables, chairs, a cooler, etc.  And don’t forget the protective netting for diners!

It is very comfortable and extremely lightweight;  it gets stored folded up in a bag with a handle and is easily carried.  Generally, it is not expensive to buy and, if taken care of, lasts for years.  When it’s setup time, there is nothing to assemble.  Just unfold the shade cloth and, if you don’t have a prefabricated aluminum structure, tie it up to any trees or posts that you can find.  With a few hooks and cables, you can put up a cover that protects against the elements, and, if the locale is naturally protected by trees, against unpleasant bird droppings and falling leaves.

Eat-in the woods?  Yes, you can!

If you’re in love with extraordinary places, there are various restaurants situated right in the middle of nature.  Upon arrival, you breathe pleasing, fragrant air.  Then you walk under trees, watching if you might see some small animal.  To experience the thrill of being fully surrounded by natural and healthy elements, the restaurant is equipped with a structure that is covered with protective netting for diners.  Thus you can eat blissfully with your family in a private and secluded way, safeguarded against the nuisance of birds and leaves that could fall directly onto your plate!