Pigeon Control System to Maintain Good Health, Garden and Real Estate Property

Installing a pigeon control net is the most cost effective method to keep these pests at bay.

Without pigeon control, your property and health can be a mess if your home is within an area where pigeons flock.
Pigeons are pesky and dirty. They take some form of diseases around them wherever they go and leave a huge amount of excrements also. Pigeon excrements are acidic and poisonous, they can kill your plants, ruin your property and deteriorate your health. These droppings are also odorous and can make your space habitable for rats and insects.
It has been discovered that pigeon menace begins when pigeons start roosting on your rooftops until they start weaving their nest on your windowsills and other similar places. Without some form of pigeon control system, pigeon excrement, feathers and nests can clog the vents and gutters in your property, thereby causing serious damages as they accumulate.
A sure way to stop the activities of pigeons within your property is to adopt an effective pigeon control system.

controlling urban pigeons with netting under a roof
Nothing works as plastic nets when it comes to controlling urban pigeons.

Adopting Pigeon Control Systems to Maintain Your Garden and Property

  • Install a Scare-owl

Installing scare-owl is an old and popular pigeon control mechanism as scare-owl are perfect for protecting the rooftops of the building and the garden. There are various types of scare-owl that are available at garden stores to install at the garden. When purchasing a scare-owl, acquire a scare-owl with the ability to move its head. Your scare-owl should also feature reflective eyes for it to be effective in deterring pigeons.

controlling pigeons in a terrace
Pigeon control nets are easily installed on terraces, balconies and roofs, both industrial and residential.

  • Install Netting as AntiPigeon Barriers

Wood blocks, pigeon netting and mesh bird netting are some of the important pigeon barriers that you can install within your garden or property to deter pigeons from roosting at your air-conditioning units or windowsills. However, you should be careful when installing barriers to prevent them from harming visitors or those living in your home.  The use of GUACAMALLAS netting is basically the only way to guarantee a long lasting system of control and an effective barrier against “flying rats”.

  • Use Bird Traps

pigeon control spikes are not as effective as barrier nets
Pigeon control spikes were installed first, but then netting was necessary as it is the only way to block passage completely.

Traps are popular items used for pigeon control. There are so many trap products that are available at home and garden stores. When purchasing traps, select those that are spacious for holding about 20 pigeons at a time. Likewise, look out for traps with about six to eight doors to create enough space for pigeons to easily enter the traps.

  • Use Pigeon Repellents

Bird repellents are effective agents for deterring stubborn pigeons. Since pigeons have level front and hind toes, they walk freely on flat surfaces. Simply apply gels on the surfaces where pigeons mostly roam within your space, and you will gradually notice as they begin to dwindle at your garden or property.
Repellent gels are available at stores and are suited for numerous surfaces including windowsills, rafters and ledges. They are colorless and friendly to the plants; thus, you can easily apply them in your garden.

plastic netting for pigeon control installed over a building´s countryard
Pigeon control netting installed over a central courtyard of a building to block access for these birds.
  • Adopt Audio and Light Deterrents

Sound and light deterrents are part of effective pigeon control mechanism because pigeons hate reflective and bright colours. Sound and light deterrents are affordable and can be easily purchased at stores. You can easily install them in your garden by stretching them along your garden rows. Sound and light deterrents are eco-friendly

While pigeons cause damages and health risk, it is necessary to know the local laws before adopting a pigeon control system in the garden or home.

pigeon control nets installed vertically on balconies
Pigeon control netting installed vertically to prevents these birds from gaining access to balconies.

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