Pigeon Barrier for Getting Rid of Pigeons from Your Garden

Pigeon barrier is a device crafted to help you overcome the menace of pigeons. Pigeons droppings, brooding and roosting can be a great challenge to your garden and property.

Dangers of Not Installing Pigeon Barrier Within the Garden
Pigeons is one of the stubbornest pests in the urban and suburban centers. They are comfortable with the presence of human being and seamlessly go about their living circles. The feces of pigeon contain acidic agents that gradually damage your building and pose serious danger to the garden. While you may overlook the presence of two or three pigeons perching on your roof tops, pigeons sporadically increase in numbers because they brood three to four times in a year; creating much more problems than you envisaged.

Pigeon Barrier
The Pigeons Prescence turn out to be a problem nuisance,as they cause the propagation of diseases for the ennviorment.

Pigeon Dropping is Harmful to Your Property

Pigeon excrement contain acidic urine that ruin any material that they fall on. Pigeon dropping can destroy wood and metal unless they are quickly cleaned. This waste material is one of the root causes for damages done on roofs, widows and materials around the garden. This is why you must install pigeon barrier within your garden or property to prevent damages.

Pigeon Dropping is Harmful to Your Garden
The plants in your garden can be in great danger when pigeons are around. The dropping from pigeons is poison to plants; so, if you have observed their presence, quickly install pigeon barriers to curb their activities.

pigeon net used for protection against bird attack
You can protect your garden crops against the attack of the Pigeons using the Pigeon Barrier.

Pigeon Dropping is harmful to Your Health
Needless to say, pigeon dropping can pose danger to your health. Pigeon excrement attract flies, rats and mice, and can bring all sort of diseases. To forestall bacteria, ectoparasites and fungal agents caused by pigeon dropping, get some pigeon barriers and install them.

Getting Rid of Pigeons from Your Garden Through Pigeon Barrier
Getting rid of pigeons on your own is usually difficult. Pigeons have strong instincts to remain at their birth site to roost. Their living circle consists of loafing in the afternoon, roosting at night and feeding in the morning. When you do not have pigeon barriers within your property, pigeons can walk on the balcony, chimney and other building parts to cause more damage because they have short limbs and level toes.

bird control with pigeon net
There are very methods for protection against the birds, the pigeons barrier is one of the best methods.

However, you can progressively get rid of pigeons from your property by doing the following:

  • Installing anti-roosting spike strips: You can purchase spikes at garden centers and install them where pigeons mostly perch within your property. Place spike strips on the handrail of your balcony to create a surface that is uncomfortable for the pigeon to land on.
  • Installing mesh steel on your chimneys: Being fully aware that it is important to be wary of your safety when doing this, carefully place a mesh on your chimneys to create an uncomfortable environment for the pigeons. The chimney is a perfect roosting spot for the pigeons and doing this will help deter them.
  • Install weather-proof strings: Create a pigeon barrier by tying string one inch above the area where pigeons perch within your space.
  • Install Sloped Sheathing: Make the roosting spot of pigeons slippery and sloped by installing metal or PCX sheathing items.

It is critical that you do not encourage pigeon in your garden or property. Install Pigeon barriers to reduce their presence and safe-guard your garden and property.

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