Perimeter Nets for Beach Sports. Volleyball Court Nets.

Court Nets. Perimeter nets for beach sports are used to define volleyball courts and other areas for sports activities.

The net meshes have Court Nets size of 10 x 10 cm and are used as containment nets for the balls and to mark the boundary of the playing area. Beach volleyball is a sport derived from indoor volleyball, sharing some rules and mechanisms, yet having many differences. There are numerous facilities to practice this discipline not only on the beach but also within city limits. In addition to being a fun and highly competitive sport, beach volleyball is also incredibly dynamic. The playing areas are often improvised due to its popularity and can be enjoyed by people of almost any age.

The perimeter net can be used on the beach to mark areas without worrying about UV rays. Court Nets.
The perimeter net can be used on the beach to mark areas without worrying about UV rays.

The playing field is, in fact, the beach itself, or any sandy field divided in half by a net.

Creating a playing area is now very easy thanks to perimeter nets for beach sports. It’s beach volleyball time. There’s no beach or open shore establishment without a Beach Volleyball court, where players gather in the morning and afternoon. It’s common to acquire division nets at affordable prices, including perimeter nets that easily create optimal conditions for playing this team sport in the sand.

As its name suggests, this sport must be played on a sandy surface. Volleyball, after soccer, is probably one of the most popular sports, thanks to its adaptability to all types of playing fields, whether it’s a grass field, a beach, or an improvised playground outside of one’s home.

Creating a beach volleyball court doesn’t require large spaces, so thanks to its small size, it can be easily built.

Building Beach Volleyball Courts Court Nets.

The dimensions of a beach volleyball court are 16 meters long and 8 meters wide, surrounded by a free area of at least 3 meters. Along this perimeter, a volleyball court net is usually placed to facilitate ball collection. The playing surface of the beach volleyball court consists of a flat and uniform layer of sand, free from stones, shells, and other potentially dangerous objects for players, not too thin to avoid sand sticking to the skin. The playing field is bordered by two sideline boundaries and two baseline boundaries, which are included in the total dimensions of the court. The lines are in a contrasting color with the sand, have a width of 5/8 centimeters, and there is no centerline. The lines should be made of durable material strips, and each exposed anchor should be made of soft and flexible material

To create a proper volleyball court, you’ll need 16 meters in length and 8 meters in width, with at least 3 meters of free space around the area.

Netting for Professional and Amateur Sports Events.

Sports are beneficial – they oxygenate the body, help maintain weight, alleviate stress, and combat anxiety, stress, depression, and cardiovascular diseases. It’s no coincidence that in recent years, the demand for sports facilities has been growing steadily. Protective nets for sports fields are suitable for soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, golf courses, volleyball, beach volleyball, and basketball courts, for both professional and private use. They are also installed for stadium protection and to safeguard gymnasium false ceilings. These safety nets, which are commonly used in both outdoor and indoor playing fields, are made from UV-stabilized polyethylene.

As a result, the threads of the perimeter nets are immovable and of high tenacity,

as they undergo processes of extrusion and bi-orientation that enhance their tensile strength and resistance to atmospheric agents. With a breaking load of over 400 kg, perimeter nets for beach sports are considered to be of maximum safety, serving as effective ball-catching barriers. In fact, they are widely used to protect gymnasium false ceilings, preventing balls from damaging ceiling panels, lighting systems, and glass windows, thereby ensuring enhanced safety on the playing fields.

Court Nets.
BAXTOP® is a highly durable netting for soccer fields, designed to withstand even intensive use.

HORTOMALLAS® is a highly durable netting for volleyball courts, engineered to withstand rigorous use.

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