Options available for your Row Cover for vegetables

Horticultural floating row cover is the perfect aid for farmers needing to anticipate harvests

Row cover is also known as garden fabric or floating row cover and is a good inclusion to the tools of any gardener. It can be used in diverse ways, such as:

  • Ensure the plant and soil is protected from overheating
  • Protect plants from wind and cold
  • Blockage of insects and preventing the spread of disease

It is very easy to make use of the garden fabric. All that is needed is for you to drape the cover directly over the plants in the garden or using a wooden frame in supporting it. The edges of the fabric can be secured either with earth staples or with soil. Apart from this, you can try out the following options.

floating row covers over seedlings
Floating row covers applied over your plants will protect them against night frosts and keep ground heat close to the plant.

All Purpose Row Cover:

This garden fabric is made of polypropylene which encompasses about 70 percent of light available. The benefit of this cover is that it keeps bugs out, heat in, and a perfect windbreak for young transplants. Besides these, it can give room to rain and overhead irrigation in order to reach the soil and plants. The all-purpose cover safeguards the plants from frost damage to 28° F. scissors can be used to cut the fabric to fit the width. When the cover is not in used, it should be folded. A better way of preserving it is by keeping it away from sunlight and moisture.

Frost protection row covers on strawberries
Frost protection row cover can be used on strawberries to protect them against cold weather and insects.

Summerweight horticultural fleece fabric:

This is a lightweight cover, which does not accommodate much heat as the all-purpose. The key benefit of this cover is that it can be used in all season to protect your crops against the spread of insect-borne diseases, insects, and birds. It has the ability to conduct up to 85 percent of sunlight available and doesn’t cause overhead irrigation or block the rain. If you are thinking of a cover to use for your frost protection, then why not try the summerweight fabric.

row covers inside a greenhouse in the winter
Winter can be harsh on plants even inside a greenhouse. By covering plants with rovers one may increase final yields.

GardenQuilt: It is known as the thicker version of the all-purpose fabric. It consists of polypropylene fibers that conduct about 60 percent of light available. It also provides an excellent option for frost protection. It is your perfect option for extending the growing season or insulating herbs, small fruits, perennials, strawberries, and other tender landscape plants.

shade houses with row covers
Plants inside a shade houses may need additional warmth provided by row covers at night.

Shade Netting: This cover is different from the once explained so far. It has a UV-stabilized polyethylene shade, which gives room for cool air to flow unhindered. Thinking of what to support the fabric with, then use fiberglass hoops and protect it with clothespins.

The use of row cover in the summer
Hot temperatures and intense sunlight can become a challenge in making the new seeds to germinate, stabilize its tender seedlings and ensure cool weather crops such as salad greens are kept from bolting and yielding a bitter taste.

row cover in landscaping of gardens and lawns
Row covers are used in landscaping as well to accelerate the seedlings and protect the young fgrasses from birds and insects.

Late-Season and Winter Crop Protection
Garden fabric in the fall can be draped against crops that are sensitive to cold such as pepper and tomatoes. The fabric can be unrolled over the row and safeguard the edges with the earth staples. If you are considering how to protect the tender perennials during winter, the best option will be the GardenQuilt.

growing tunnels made with row covers
Growing plants inside micro-tunnels made with row covers protects vegetables against cold nights and insects.

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