OBAMALLA, the best price of shade netting for the control of your crop

We offer a great price of shade netting with our range of OBAMALLA shading nets.

OBAMALLA is ideal for controlling factors critical to growth, such as temperature, light, water and humidity.

The application of the OBAMALLA shade netting gives better results in terms of quantity and quality of the crop. Made from high density virgin polyethylene treated with additives to be resistant to UV rays, it can be applied in Horticulture and Floriculture, in greenhouses or houses shadows or open field on structures.

If you are looking for the best cost of shade netting, OBAMALLA is your best choice.

price of shade netting
The OBAMALLA is the best option for protection against high temperatures and UV.

OBAMALLA shade netting protects plants from thermal stress

The main purpose of shade netting is to reduce the temperature at which plants are exposed. At very high temperatures, the plants react with a series of responses that are called thermal stress.

Thanks to OBAMALLA, germination is maintained adequate or increased because it conserves soil moisture and prevents it from drying out quickly. The fruits are not damaged by excessive heat. Leaves and stems do not wither and remain well hydrated both day and night, avoiding thermal excursions.

Products that are developed with constant temperature and humidity are less subject to cracking. In fact when they are going through a phase of water stress the plants tend to consume more water at some times of the day and this causes alterations in the skin. The shade netting absorbs the heat of the day and transmits it below during the more fresh night hours, producing a constant greenhouse effect. Thanks to the shade mesh, the transformation of direct light into indirect and dispersed light is favored. The amount of light is the same but the heat is lower. The OBAMALLA shade netting prevents excessive evaporation while maintaining the luminous intensity with a stable humidity level. In fact, excessive evaporation leads to the closure of the stomata, which in turn can cause alterations in CO2 absorption, and indirectly have an effect on the development of plants.

Through the raschel fabric of the mesh can pass water from rain and air, ensuring adequate ventilation.

OBAMALLA installed for protection against sunlight
The Shade netting stabilizes the temperature avoid excessive evaporation and other danger to your crops.

Improvement of production with shade netting at the lowest price

Shade netting also reduces the amount of pests because it diminishes its reproductive capacity. Avoiding damage to fruits caused by worms or mites improves production.

Available in variable percentage of shade, OBAMALLA adapts to any type of crop. It is light and handy and can be easily placed and removed. Thus it acts only when it is necessary, at the time of day or the year of greatest heat.

The OMABALLA shade netting offers quality assurance at the lowest price on the market. Very resistant to tearing, it can also reduce hail damage.

New research on the spectral manipulation of light performed by the colored shade mesh shows how it promotes certain physiological responses in plants. However the black shade netting is the most used because it is the most durable at a more affordable price.

OBAMALLA shade net beige
The OBAMALLA shade net is very resistant, durable, and the best option for provide protection to low price.
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