New Jersey Police Rescue Large Bear Cub Trapped in Batting Cage Netting

New Jersey police helped rescue a large bear cub that became trapped in netting near a batting cage.

Ringwood New Jersey police shared a video of an officer approaching the distressed cub before freeing it from the netting on Tuesday morning.

“This morning, Detective Longo saved this large bear cub, which was entangled in the netting of a batting cage,” the police said.

The video shows Longo attempting to create an incision at the bottom of the netting as the young bear struggles to free itself from the enclosure.

New Jersey

After opening a hole large enough, the detective began pulling the netting from the opposite side until the cub emerged and ran to freedom.

Ringwood police warned that recreational nets can be harmful to wildlife if left unattended outdoors.

“Animals, most commonly deer, get entangled in soccer nets and other types of recreational nets and sometimes die,” the police said. “We insist that residents in high animal traffic areas should remove the nets when not in use.”

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