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Merits Of The V Trellis System

Why using the v trellis is important to gardeners for plant support.

The first goal of using v trellis is to reduce labor and also maximum yield. However, there are different trellises styles and each on has its own advantages. Growers should, therefore, evaluate each trellising system to know the best for their crops.

V-Trellising system with Metal T post

This is the most common form of trellising bramble cane. A typical design consists of steel post that is set approximately 20-30 degree from vertical.

hops need tall trellising supports
The climbing nature of hops requires very tall trellises, even V shaped

Advantages of a V shaped vertical trellis

  • Greater light penetration thanks to trellising

hydroponic greenhouse using trellis netting
Even hydroponic greenhouses may use trellis netting instead of raffia and hooks.

Light is very important to the success of every garden operation. When plants receive an adequate amount of sunlight on daily basis, they tend to perform well and grow healthier. This trellising system allows better light penetration which plants needs. The foliages are well exposed to sunlight which is good for the plant.

  • Yields with netting are higher than a single post

The reason for growing crops is to increase yield and with this v trellis system allowing the plant to have an adequate amount of sunlight on daily basis, the grower will surely benefit from an increased yield.

  • Trellis netting allows proper air circulation

Proper air circulation is needed for plants to remain healthy in the field. It helps to reduce the buildup and spread of diseases which can cause stunted growth or death of the plant.

  • V-trellising system with rebar

This system is used by many growers too. It is flexible and can also be bent easily to make tunnels, arches, and other free-form curvy shapes. There is only one step in making this rebar trellising system which is by placing the rebar at the right place and tying it with in place with wire. However, there are also other design options you can choose from.

double espalier mesh for support
In order to achieve a V shaped trellis one may place two parallel nets and tie the bottom together forming a V, with the plant fastened between the two nets.
  • V shaped trellises are economical

Every grower will like to reduce the cost of operation to make more profit. This is very necessary to sustain the farm. However, this trellising system is economical. Growers can reuse the posts anytime they want.

  • Cane is removed easily after harvest

Another advantage of this v trellis system is that the cane can be removed easily after harvesting is done. This reduces labor and allows growers to manage their gardens without much stress.

The one thing with this system is that it may not be strong enough to support the heavy load from the plant.

diagonal knotted netting as a trellis support
A diagonal knotted net has similar functions of a regular horizontal trellis net, Some growers prefer the diagonal shape as some cucurbits may have a better development on this type of inclinations.
  • V Trellis system with wood

The structure of this system is similar to the first. The only difference is that it is made of wood while the other is made of metal. The advantages are also similar. It allows the canopy to open wide for better yield as well as air circulation.

v trellis
Using a double netting system is very similar to a V trellis support system.

Conclusion on growing vegetables with V trellising

Trellising system allows growers to manage their gardens without much stress. It increases yield and allows more crops to be cultivated in limited space. This system offers lots of benefits and growers when used.

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