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Merits of macro tunnel

Why using macro tunnel is the best option

Growing crops in unfavorable weather conditions like cold have been easier with structures like the macro tunnel. Now, growers do not need to relax because of weather condition and can grow crops in all seasons. The protective structure is made of arches and is attached to the ground without any post or gutter that can collect rainwater. The closings of this protective structure are made of mesh, plastic or shadow cloth.

The macro tunnel is well ventilated. It has rolling side windows or jigsaw front walls which allow proper ventilation.

cropfield in greenhouse
The macro tunnel can protect your crops against the extreme weather.

Selecting crops to plant under Macro tunnel

The selection of the type of crops to be grown under the tunnel is a very important decision every grower must make. This decision should be made carefully and the crops selected should be those that are best suited for tunnel cultivation. Growers should also consider the yield on a per acre basis too.
However, experience and field trials have shown that quite a number of crops can be cultivated under these tunnels. They include:

  • Cucumbers
  • Chili peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Green beans
  • Cherry
  • Melons
  • Zucchini squash

Growers can try other crops to see if they can cultivate them with a tunnel. Some other crops though not listed here will perform well when grown under a tunnel.

greenhouse protecting cropfield
With the macro tunnel your crops gets a good growth without worrying of the external damages.

Factors that determines Selection of tunnels

There different types of plastic tunnels that can be used to cultivate crops. However, the type growers will choose to cultivate crops will depend on factors like the type of crop to be grown, as well as the capital to purchase the equipment needed to erect the macro tunnel in the field.

Benefits of Macro tunnel

Macro tunnels offer lots of benefits and advantages. They are used in mild or cold weather condition where ordinarily, plants may not be able to survive on their own. They are used where the temperatures are not too high.

Another benefit of using tunnels is the prevention of insects especially in hot weather conditions when it is closed with mesh or shadow cloth. Organic gardeners can benefit greatly from the use of tunnels. Instead of using chemicals to control pests, the tunnel can prevent the tiniest pests from passing through and having contact with the crops.

It is amazing to see your crops doing well under the macro tunnel. In fact, nothing can be more amazing than that. You can grow crops even in unfavorable weather condition. And the good news is that the crop will flourish like it was grown without any covering.

macro tunnel used for protect cropfield
The macro tunnel avoid the arrives of insects and protect your crops agasint the external weather.
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