The capacity of your cropping wild depend on which tomato trellis support you use

tomato plant in cropfiled using hortomallas support net
The staking technique helps maintain the health of the plant.

One of the best ways to prevent tomato diseases, and to achieve a healthy harvest, is staking. This keeps fruits off the ground and protects them from bruises and bacteria that inhabit the soil. From amongst so many systems of tutoring, the best by far is the use of tomato trellis support. Trellises are made of nylon, which is known for being very resistant. These meshes show many improvements compared to older procedures that use agricultural raffia twine, or wire, to base the plant; some of the most remarkable are:

hortomallas net used for apply vertical support system
These support methods help prevent fungi and bacteria from infecting the plant.
  • Installing tomato trellis support is much quicker. The trellis has to be fastened to posts or another similar structure, but this is very easy and cheap, because a single wall of mesh can be extended along a whole row. Nailing stake by stake takes a lot of time and hard work.
  • Nylon netting offers excellent ventilation and better drainage than other methods. The passing of air currents reduce the possibilities of diseases caused by humidity.
  • This procedure is less laborious and simpler for agronomists. Even though the plant’s backing has to be reinforced with plastic clips, this is still faster, cheaper and less traumatic than traditional ties.
  • Harvesting is simpler and can be done in half the time, since crops are easier to pick.
  • The total production can be increased up to 60% compared to staking. This is possible because of better growing conditions that tomato trellis support offers. Also because pruning, which is necessary, makes fruits to rip faster.
  • The more orderly layout of the plant makes jobs like fumigation much easier. Nevertheless, the use of bactericides gets considerably reduced because of the better sanitary conditions this process provides. Fungi cannot grow in plastic as it does on raffia, so the health of the crop increases.
  • Yields show great enhancement. They increase in size, are more uniform and have better color y aspect.

Although there are several ways of placing tomato trellis supports, it is better if it has a V-shaped or double wall arrangement. In both of them, plants must be located between the two walls of trellis. With the V-shaped method, plant will not have to be tutored, since it will grow leaning on the mesh and the weight of fruits will help it to keep attached to it. Besides, double wall tomato trellis support does require some extra reinforcement, for which HORTOCLIPS come in handy. These plastic rings are reusable, and do not hurt the plant at all while holding it. Although it is necessary to attach some stems, this is not as usual as with traditional staking.

tomato trellis
The double wall technique helps obtain more robust plants.

Double wall technique will make your tomato plants grow leafier and more robust than those otherwise tutored; therefore it will be necessary to raise the dose of fertigation, to ensure the coverage of a higher plant’s demand, given the increase in production. This system can also be used to tutor beans, cucumbers and peppers, and is just as convenient. For low-growth varieties, trellises are placed horizontally, a couple of inches above the plant’s stem formation.

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