Screen of Green yields make you get the best possible crop of plants

scrog method installed on crops
The Screen of Green method avoid the arrival and propagation of pathogens.

It is known that traditional planting methods have a lot of disadvantages that arise today, and also did many years ago. Constant contact with pathogens that cause hard to fight infections, misuse of the space, damages and viruses caused by a regular manipulation are only some of their problems. Nevertheless, these cons have been getting less and less force with the invention of new and better planting and harvesting techniques, and one of them is Screen of Green yields.

Screen of Green, also known by the abbreviation “ScrOG”, is a tutoring and training method widely used by farmers who want to enhance and accelerate the vegetative process, while getting a better quality of the production. Screen of Green yields are characterized by increasing their production over a 20%, depending on the yield’s conditions. This is so because of several determinant factors which are present in the ScrOG process, unlike in other less effective methods. The first thing to do in Screen of Green yields is to place the net; its distance from the ground may vary, but it should be positioned approximately 12 inches (30 cm) above of the plant. When the main stem is high enough, secondary stems start to sprout, and this is when “tracking” technique comes in; it consists of cutting the tip of the stem, just below already developed buds, to make two stems grow where there was only one before. This has to be repeated as many times as necessary.

When the stems of Screen of Green yields start to elongate they have to be arranged inside the squares of the netting, one stem per square, and as they get longer they must be moved to any free square on the sides by sliding the stems under the net. This will cause that, when the net is full, the stems that were born first will be located at the edges of the mesh, and the ones that were born at last will be in the center of it.

screen of green method applied on crops
With the Screen of Green method your plants gets a good growth and improve the production of the plant.

Screen of Green yields have a very symmetric distribution because every stem is disposed individually inside a square of the net; this allows the branches to have a certain distance between each other, something that does not happens in most of the traditional methods. This space between each stem helps the sun’s rays to reach every one of them almost equally, which helps the plant to grow faster and to give better quality fruits. Also, greater separation results in greater facility for air currents to flow between the branches. This creates a less favorable environment for plagues, fungus and bacteria by providing efficient ventilation, which prevents the yield from concentrating high levels of humidity and temperature.

horizontal support applied on plants
The space beetwen the stems of the plants receive the rays of the sun.

It is essential that the flowering stage is started only when the net if full, so you can take advantage of the whole yield’s potential; also, because when flowering stage is over it is necessary to take off the net and start the whole process again. This does not represent great losses if you use the correct nets; Mallajuana ScrOG nets, for example, are reusable. Savings are also due to the fact that this process is much faster than others and with better results.

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