Keep Deer and Other Animals Away from Your Vegetables and Flower with Garden Fence

Garden Fence Method to Keep your Crops Safe from Trespassing Animals.

deer fence installed for protect garden
The deer fence is a net that provides a strong protection for the garden.

Gardening is a fun hobby and a profitable business. Like most things that are beneficial, there are challenges that have to be overcome before you can enjoy the result of your gardening endeavors. One of the most common challenger gardeners and farmer have to deal with are trespassing animals. That is why use of garden fence, bird netting and other protective measures are very common these days.

Garden Fence as an Effective Deer Barrier

If you live in a deer territory, then gardening or backyard farming may be a little difficult for you. The challenge is an enormous one: how to keep deer away from your precious crops. The good news is that gardening or farming with deer had gone through extensive research that more and more people are now gaining advantage over those furry buggers.

One way of keeping Bambi’s relatives away from your garden is switching to deer-resistant crops. If you are set to farming with plants that are dear to the deer’s heart, then another option is to make your first line of defense filled with shrubs that are deer-resistant. This option may mean more tasks to do since you will be keeping more types of plants that you originally intended. But, the fact that you will be able to keep the main crops safe from deer and other trespassing animals, the extra work should be worth it.

Some people though may not have enough ground space for more plants, particularly for shrubs that are just going to make the deer go away. If that is the case with you, there is another method. It has been gaining popularity, and it is the use of garden fence. The good thing about this protective system is that it can be decorative, as well. This means that you can beautify your garden while protecting your crops from deer attack.

Sometimes, physical barrier is really needed to make sure that the crops are safe. It’s like using chicken netting to keep the chicken safe from predators, or bird netting to protect buildings from pigeons.

Putting up the Right Kind of Fence.

If you realized that fencing is needed, then you need to make sure that you would be putting up the type that would really work well for you and your garden. Fencing out deer may be your main goal at the moment, but also need to consider the welfare of the animals, your plants and other people.

It is important to understand that jumping is what deer do. They have the ability to jump over heights that are more than seven feet. So, it is important to know that once you have put the garden fence up, you may actually feel fenced in.

Another factor to consider is the expense of garden fencing method. As mentioned, deer can jump, so you cannot just install short fencing and cheap fencing around your garden. Your fence should be tall enough so that deer cannot go over it, and strong enough so that it can withstand deer or other animal attacks.

So, what are your choices when it comes to fencing system to prevent deer from eating your crops? One option is the stockade fence. The good thing about this type of fence is that it is not see-through. If there is one thing that deters deer from jumping over anything is the inability to see of what’s on the other side. Before you go for this method though, you may want to make sure that you also would not be blocking any particular scenery or space from your view from either inside or outside.

An electric garden fence is another choice, but this kind of method is not allowed in some areas. If you are thinking of using this fencing system, you should inquire with local zoning agencies first. One more thing to keep in mind when considering this option is that; it is not child-friendly. So, if you have children or if kids are regularly visiting your farm or garden, it is best to try other garden fencing methods.

Deer netting may be a better choice if you do not want to risk the dangers of an electric fence. This is actually the most commonly used fencing system against deer and other trespassing animals. With this option, you must set up netting that is at least eight feet in height. Going a little over that would be better.

Individually fencing your crops is another good choice. This is ideal for people who do not like the idea of fencing the entire garden or switching to shrubs that deer hate. For this method, you can use the chicken netting system idea of enclosing small areas.

You may also want to consider the double fencing system. Enclosed spaces are not very enticing for deer. They will not jump over two fences at once. That is why double fencing your garden may work well for you. You can put netting or fencing system in the external part of the garden or yard with a four-foot picket fence using a stable and high-quality fencing material. The second or inner fence can be of the same height as the external fence, but here you can opt for the cheaper kind of fencing.

With all the many options available, to keep deer away from plants, it should not be hard to keep and maintain the crops that you really love. In choosing the right deer deterrent method, you must always consider every possible factor. Garden fence is a good option because it is something that really works and with the right materials and fencing method, you will surely be able to keep your garden safe and beautiful.

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