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Importance of Micro Tunnel

Why is it necessary to use micro tunnel?

The most important thing to consider when you are cultivating crops like vegetables is how to reduce the incidence of diseases and provide an enabling environment that can make crops to grow well. The micro tunnel is one of those protective structures gardeners can erect over their crops. With this protective structure over plants, they are most likely to perform well because it creates the enabling environment for them.

What does micro tunnel involve?
Micro or mini tunnels involve placing plastic or spun-bounded fabric sheets over developing crops, creating a mini greenhouse effect. The structure is usually placed on metal hoops. The plastic material is basically clear and can also be solid or perforated. Depending on the type of crops being cultivated, this cover can be left over the crops for 3- 4 weeks.

tutoring system installed on cropfield
The micro tunnel avoid that attack of the pathogens and any external pest.

Benefits of Micro tunnel to crops

  • Protection of crops from insect pests

One major challenge that growers encounter is the attack on their crops caused by insect pests. Pests like aphids can cause the death of a large number of plants, resulting in great loss of investment. However, the micro tunnel can protect crops from insect pests, which in turn limits the use of chemicals too. This also allows organic growers to cultivate healthy crops with little or no use of chemicals.

  • Promotes early growth

Every grower would like to see his or her crops grow within a short time. After all, the essence of growing crops is to make more profit. The micro tunnel can help to promote an early growth of the plant by simply warming the air surrounding the plant through the heat from the sun. However, a greater yield is obtained when the plant comes into production and begins to bear throughout the season.

frost fabric protecting plants
The micro tunnel is effective in the protection of crops against the external damages.
  • Protects plants from frost

These tunnels are great ideas for protecting crops during frost periods. They protect plants from frost that could easily destroy or damage them by creating a form of microclimate conducive for the plants to grow well.

  • Supports the passage of rain and irrigation

Another benefit of using micro tunnels is that it allows the passage of rain and irrigation. Crops are not only protected from pests but have access to everything they need for proper growth.

There are many things growers can do to create an enabling environment for crops to thrive. Even during unfavorable weather condition, micro tunnels are still very beneficial. However, this is one great gardening practice that growers must adopt. They are very easy to install and offers a great reward to the grower.

micro tunnels in cropfield
Too the macro tunnel provide protection of your crops against external extreme weather.
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