Implementation of Hardware Mesh in Fencing and Covering

Additional Protection through Reinforcement

Most Common Implementation of Hardware Mesh

hardware mesh protecting animals
Hardware mesh prevents external pests from invading your home.

Hardware mesh is extremely durable wire grid. It can be used as a screen for the largest variety of purposes. At home, we can apply the mesh with small openings on windows or in patios to protect the entrance from bugs and other outdoor pests. The other function is to prevent debris from entering the house while providing enough fresh air. These are only a few of many uses that are of the great help in household management. This product is also called hardware cloth or wire mesh for it is basically made of wire. A common implementation of hardware mesh outside the home is in the garden or in the courtyard for fencing the crops or domestic animals. It is praised by the users for an easy installation and adaptability to various demands. In most cases, welded wire mesh has been seen in courtyards and in gardens as a pests’ protection of the plants. Since the cross-sections of the grid are welded, durability is guaranteed.

Different Options for Different Purposes

hardware mesh for support and protection
The mesh is very versatile and ideal for protection and support.

Covering or fencing of the various facilities, such as schools, parks, private and public properties are usually made of an adequate mesh. Besides protection, hardware mesh has also supporting function. In the construction field, it is often applied in stuccoing – a process of holding a cement or plaster. Construction material, in this case, concrete is reinforced and therefore more solid. Armatures for papier-mâché sculptures are also made of these meshes providing a higher strength. Modern surgery is hardly imaginable without implementing specially designed meshes. They support organs and tissues during the surgery. Mesh size is important to have in mind while choosing the right product. It is indicated by a number. The bigger the number the smaller the size of the openings. Meshes also differ in the material which they were made. Hardware mesh of stainless steel is abrasion resistant and solid. Its performance is stable since its elasticity is limited. If it comes to stretching for some reason, it cannot recover its former shape. The best is to think about the purpose before deciding to purchase some special type of the mesh.

Additional Reinforcement of Runs and Coops.

hardware net used in chicken coops
In chicken coops the net can be used to care for and protect the chickens.

As a durable quality fencing product hardware mesh can be used to build or reinforce a chicken run. It is supposed to keep chickens safe in the confined space and to protect them from predators and other intruders. Hawks, for example, have so sharp claws that they can reach through the ordinary wire. Reinforcement of the wire is 100% efficient in protecting chickens from any predator. Few things have to be considered in general when thinking about fencing a coop or run. Smaller openings provide better safety. The investment will certainly pay off since it prevents possible losses that are more costly and very stressful. Hungry and determined predators are hard to stop. For that reason, it is important to set a reinforcing mesh at least 12 inches into the ground all the way around the run or coop. A lot of predators are excellent diggers. If the mesh has not been placed properly it will not serve as a solid barrier. Windows are also to be covered with mesh since they serve as entrances as well. You can additionally secure it with screws. Staples are not a good choice. They can be easily pulled. In fact, all openings larger than one inch should be covered by the additional mesh.

hardware net with hen
Poor installation of the network prevents the network from providing adequate protection.

Building the Dog Fence

If you are in need of the dog fence, you should also consider making it from hardware mesh. The height of the fence should be at least 5 to 6 feet so the dog cannot climb it or jump over it. 6 feet height is sufficient for most breeds. The installation is not complicated and it can be done by using the hand digging method to make a trench. After placing a wire in the trench, should you secure its ends to the ground. The wire depends on the surrounding that you want to fence. On the places where digging is impossible, mounting seems like a reasonable method. You can hold the wire in its place with staples. Already existing fencing can be additionally supported by the dog fence wire. A lot of homeowners chose to fix a fence tightly to the ground with staples. Over time the grass will cover the wire and improve the aesthetic appearance. Whether you chose to bury or to mount the wire, you should be aware that both methods have advantages and drawbacks. The invisible electric fence is also a kind of protection. First, it emits a warning sound and after that an electric shock. It happens only if the dog leaves a confined area.

Efficient High-quality Product

home with hardware mesh
There is no question of the effectiveness of mesh in home protection.

Hardware mesh is irreplaceable in fencing and covering public and private property. It is a high-quality product and an excellent investment that guarantees satisfaction. Its efficiency is proven for all kind of pests and predators but its functions go far beyond that. If applied to windows, it will prevent insects and debris from entering the house. In construction, it serves as a reliable armature to sculptures or in stuccoing. Those farmers who have chickens know the best how it serves as the additional protection for chickens. It depends on the terrain how it will be installed. Two methods are most common – burying and mounting. The best is if it is fixed 12 inches in the ground since many predators are determined to dig as deep as necessary to reach their prey. So deep they yet cannot dig. Openings on the mesh are of the different sizes so the best is to chose in accordance with the purpose. For chicken coops and runs the size of one inch is recommended. It enables proper ventilation and disables any attack from the outside.

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