Chicken mesh is a collective term for different net structures used in fencing. These meshes are usually made of metals, but are also made of other materials. The outstanding feature however, is the evenly spaced hexagonal or rectangular shaped openings.

Chicken mesh is widely used, but not only in poultry keeping. Many people are beginning to discover its usefulness as garden fence and even as window screen. The flexibility and ductility of chicken mesh has made it a very useful material for bird coops, cages and fencing.


chicken mesh
The hexagonal chicken wire mesh has different uses in addition to corrals and gardens and is a window grille.

Chicken mesh will not only keep your birds in, it will also keep predators and other animals out. Every poultry keeper certainly has to worry about these things. This is what makes chicken mesh very important. While still providing good flow of ventilation, the openings are not big enough to let animals through to the birds. It ensures the safety of poultry birds.

Again, chicken mesh is made from strong materials. There, it can withstand pressure that may be applied to it by animals. Chicken mesh is long lasting and generally maintenance free.

In addition, it makes cleaning of the bird coop easy.


bird net
There are chicken fences of different sizes for protection against foxes, raccoons and snakes.

There are different kinds of chicken fencing that are used for protection against predations and pests, such as foxes, raccoons, hawks, dogs, mice, snakes, rats etc. They have different qualities that make them exceptionally good for certain purposes. Before you purchase your mesh, it is important to have good understanding of a , so that you can ascertain if it will serve you adequately.

Some chicken meshes available are;

CHICKEN WIRE: chicken wire is a very cheap chicken mesh to use as fence. Its chief purpose is to keep the birds contained within an area. it does not do a very good job of keeping raccoons and some other animals out. This is because; the openings are usually big enough to allow a rodent climb through.

Chicken wire is good enough only for the daytime. It is not advisable for the nighttime coop, as it may let nocturnal animals through. However, it is a cheap way to cover the upper parts of a chicken coop.

GALVANIZED HARDWARE CLOTH: this chicken mesh is considered the best material for fencing or covering a chicken coop. Although it comes in different thickness, length and mesh sizes, the ones with the widest meshes are not even as wide as the chicken wire. Galvanized hardware cloth is a mesh with weaved steel wire dipped in zinc. Unlike chicken wire, it is protected from rust. It is a strong mesh, yet flexible and easy to cut.

RABBIT WIRE FENCING: this mesh has small openings. The openings of rabbit wire fencing are usually about 3-4 inches wide. They are exceptionally good for added security on the floor. This mesh is placed on the floor, and is wide enough for the birds to move about comfortably, but too small for a predator to burrow through.

ELECTRIC NET FENCING: some people opt for an electrified net fencing. It is economical if the birds are allowed to roam about a large area of land. Hooking up a net fence to a power source ensures that any animal that tries to get through is shocked.

anti bird mesh in pond
It is recommended to cover the top of the chicken coop by predators such as hawks.

It is very important that a chicken mesh does not have openings that are too small or too big.

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