How to take advantage of the flower support net for your garden

Making the best use of flower support net system.

support system used in flowers field
The net for flower support ensures that the flowers achieve adequate growth and development.

What is a flower support net?

A flower support net is a cost-effective way to add support to flowers and plants. The use of the netting allows plants to come up through the netting, which offers the best support for the plant. By using this type of netting the plants are able to get the maximum exposure to light and fresh air. The use of Flower and Vegetable Support Netting allows plants to receive the maximum amount of light and air and prevents damage to valuable flower crops. Tutoring your plants and flowers is an effective and essential technique that allows your plants to be spaced in an even manner, with a straight position. Flower support net is needed for horticulturists to have success in growing plants and flowers.

How do I use it?

The netting offers great support to climbing vines and plants such as beans and cucumber. It can be used two ways vertically for climbers and horizontally in a single or multiple layers.
Using the horizontal method works well for the plants as the support net is spaced into separate layers. The flowers and plants grow up through each layer so regardless of the height it grows to its body and stems will continue to be supported.

Should I be using the flower support netting?

Flower support net helps prevent plants and flowers from draping over and falling underneath the bottom shoots of plants nearby. Basically, taming flowers or plants with the goal to develop and manipulate the buds from flowers that can be used for edible use or that for medical use as well. UV degradation is when materials are exposed to the sun. UV degradation is powerful and can disintegrate and crack certain material if they are exposed to the sunlight over a long period of time. Flower support net will aid in protection for your plants from the sun as well as helping to support foliage in bad weather conditions.

hortomallas flower support net on vertical
For greater care and protection of the flowers, the anti-hail mesh provides the ideal protection against UV rays and the intense hail.

Does it handle all weather conditions?

If you are using the flower support net for fragile, thin and branched plants it is recommended to install some hail protection netting. The protection netting is UV stabilized and durable to handle the grunt of hail and force winds. So, there is no damage to your flowers and crops, creating happy plants which equal higher yields. Hail protection will also add extra shield from birds and small animals.

What features does the flower support netting have?

  • Less sun damage to the plants
  • Strong wind protection
  • Less water is needed, saving you dollars
  • The space between plants reduces rubbing and strangled vines
  • Provides a thermal effect
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • UV resistance
  • Rot and rust proof
  • Good for the environment, it’s reusable
  • Comes in a range of colors and sizes
  • Wide openings for access during the harvesting
  • Increases yield
  • Decreases pet damage and ground rot

Can I use flower net protection for tutoring my tomatoes?

Tomato plants are quite fragile when growing and you could only benefit greatly by supplying a form of support. A flower support net will help steady and keep the plant straight and avoid dropping while supporting the plant while it’s bearing its fruit. It works by letting each branch grow through each level of the net; it then supports each layer of the plant with the added weight of the fruit.

trellis net installed for flowers support
The net helps your plant grow, being a very resistant mesh since it supports the weight of the flower.

This avoids the plants drooping to the ground and rotting. A double wall net is the best tutoring tomatoes system where the plant is closed within two walls of net. This way the tomato branches grow up and through the net and then be supported once they bloom with plenty of fruit and start to become weighed down. It will also help increase your plant’s production by lowering the mechanical stress and not touching the plant as much as you normally would. By using the support net, it will help to keep plants organized together and safe for walkways where people brush past and break the stems. You are also helping to keep the garden beds ventilated and moist which is important for the plants to grow healthy foliage. Tutoring tomatoes as a single support are gradually raised to the rate of the plant’s growth. Often by using three squares of 33 by 33cm, then work with the flower support net when growing foliage.

Are flowers and plants that important?

We all love flowers and whether it be Mother’s Day or birthday, or perhaps just a no reason nice gesture flowers are a great way to bring conversation, color and smiles to everyone’s faces.
Flowers aren’t just a nice gesture or present they help the environment in so many ways. Plants are beneficial to the ecology and the environment with producing oxygen in the process call photosynthesis. During this cycle, plants will absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves, using sunlight minerals from the soil and water. The plants absorb important nutrients then release the oxygen into the air. Studies have revealed flowers and plants help to cleanse the water and soil of pollutants.

hortomallas trellis net installed on flower field
Install the ideal support system in your flowers will help them to develop avoiding the appearance of fungi and diseases.

Sunflowers are actually able to absorb pollutants from the soil without really harming the actual plant. This helps when areas of soil are found to be high in radiation sunflowers and other absorbing plants can be planted to help clean up the soil and environment around them. This is why we need to look after our flowers and plants by offering a support system that helps them to thrive, while also making sure we aren’t creating pollution by using reusable netting and limiting water use by correctly planting our flowers and crops with the correct support system.

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