How to Protect Your Crop in Winter: Crop support INVERNAVELO® Thermal Blanket

Crop support an Anti-Frost Blanket to Safeguard Your Crop: INVERNAVELO®

Crop support during the fall and winter seasons, the main threat to your crop is the low temperatures. The INVERNAVELO® thermal blanket offers protection for your crop against devastating frosts by creating an agricultural veil that shields your crop from the cold temperatures. This blanket forms a microclimate between itself and the crop, retaining heat much like a thermal blanket.

The microclimate that forms between the blanket and the crop slowly dissipates, preventing rapid heat loss and ensuring that the crop doesn’t suffer from temperature drops. The blanket’s resilience doesn’t impede the circulation of water and wind; it allows for irrigation without needing to remove it.

The INVERNAVELO® blanket serves as cold protection during the winter, especially for crops accustomed to warmer climates.

It can prevent losses caused by brief frost periods and shields against direct contact with nighttime dew that freezes due to low temperatures. With the anti-frost blanket, this moisture remains above the fabric, preserving warmth within the greenhouse.

crop support
The INVERNAVELO®® Blanket is a floating cover that can be placed during the winter season and removed when not necessary. It’s ideal for protecting your crops and serves as an accessible and easily removable tool to ensure your crop is well-protected during the winter

It can also be used for:

Forcing the growth of vegetables by covering plants during critical development phases.

Acting as an anti-insect barrier, creating a shield against insects while allowing the passage of air, rainwater, and wind, maintaining airflow and moisture flow.

Serving as a thermal veil, the anti-frost fabric is installed in a large tunnel structure, and beneficial insect colonies can be released under the cover. This accelerates the pollination process.

• Managing damage caused by rain, protecting the crop from the effects of heavy rainfall, allowing water to flow over the top. It also acts as wind protection, similar to a windbreak barrier.

The INVERNAVELO® Blanket offers versatile applications and benefits, making it a valuable tool for crop protection. Feel free to use the form below to share your questions or comments:

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