The founders of HORTOMALLAS®, with more than 30 years of experience in the plastic ag netting sector, are what allows one to place complete confidence in the quality and reliability of their horticultural nettings.

Among the horticultural nettings we offer are trellis netting for the support of plants, shade cloth for greenhouses or shade houses, frost blankets or insect netting, ground cover fabric, and bird netting as well as anti-hail and anti-pollination netting–all at very competitive prices and a low-price guarantee.

With international experience in the thermoplastics sector since 1987, the founders of the Hortomallas Group are able to offer an excellent mix of high quality ag nettings and fabrics, of polypropylene or polyethylene, but at such low prices that the commercial grower can sleep soundly knowing that the best possible purchase was made for his or her crops.

The technical department of Hortomallas only selects and uses polymers, UV treatments, and antioxidants that are those most highly reputed by European laboratories in order to assure that HORTOMALLAS® products last season after season.

The selection of HORTOMALLAS® horticultural nettings and fabrics available to the commercial grower

HORTOMALLAS: TRELLIS NETTING for the support of vegetable plants and flowers

HORTOMALLAS® is a polypropylene netting with squares adequate in size to easily allow for pruning, training, and picking or harvesting. The netting stands up well to the elements, be it to the sun, thanks to its UV treatment during the extrusion process, or to passive mechanical forces, such as the weight of the plant and the wind.

Trellis netting can be in contact with agrochemicals without being affected which allows it to be reused for a number of years. The big advantage in using this system of trellising for vegetables is that it reduces by 70% the number of hours of labor necessary for the installation of the trellising in the rows of the crop and, once installed, it provides better plant health for the crop since it reduces the infections transmitted by making physical contact with pathogens and it eliminates stress caused by handling the plants, which is detrimental for the plants, and sets back their productivity by 10% every time they are touched and reoriented during hand training to the trellis.

Trellis netting can be used either by installing it vertically and letting the tendrils fasten to the netting, or horizontally and letting the branches of the developing plant grow across the squares and rest themselves on the net which will support the weight of the plant laden with fruit without any need for hand training, which can damage the plants.

mallas agrícolas
La malla espaldera HORTOMALLAS® siendo utilizada para el tutoreo vertical de hortalizas .
  • Malla Tutora para Hortalizas
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    Vegetable Support Netting (15x17cm mesh)

    MXN $569.12MXN $11,218.09 (I.V.A. Incluido)
  • HORTOMALLAS Malla Espaldera
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    Trellis Net for Vegetable Tutoring (25x25cm mesh)

    MXN $509.58MXN $12,634.52 (I.V.A. Incluido)

GUACAMALLAS: BIRD NETTING for protecting crops outdoors, in tunnels, or in greenhouses

GUACAMALLAS® is a product extruded from sun-resistant polypropylene, which forms a fine mesh of threads that physically impede the passage of fruit-eating birds.

Contrary to other methods that only temporarily scare the birds away until they become accustomed to the noises or scarecrow objects, bird netting blocks access to crops (be it in high tunnels, greenhouses, or row crops out in the open, as in the case of grapes, sapodilla, or cherries to mention only a few fruits) preventing damage or contamination of branches as a result of only one fruit having been pecked.

These horticultural nettings to protect against birds and bats can be put into storage during the time of preparation for the crop and while pruning, thus extending the useful life of the product which already was for several years of direct exposure to sunlight.

malla anti pájaros
mallas agrícolas anti pájaros GUACAMALLAS® es la perfecta protección contra esas indeseables aves que amenazan tus cultivos
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    Anti-Bird Netting Mesh, Protection of Crops and Urban Areas (20x20mm mesh)

    MXN $502.33MXN $27,213.60 (I.V.A. Incluido)
  • Malla Protección Anti Pájaros
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    Bird Protection Netting, Bird Control (19x19mm mesh)

    MXN $419.18MXN $20,059.10 (I.V.A. Incluido)

MALAHIERBA® GROUND COVER: a WEED BARRIER FABRIC which covers the soil in greenhouses or high tunnels preventing the growth of weeds

MALAHIERBA® fabric is a woven polypropylene fabric with flat filaments that stands up to the sun and abrasion from the traffic of workers and light-weight equipment. This ground cover is permeable to water but completely blocks the passage of light, thus preventing the germination and passage through the barrier of weeds that could later contaminate a commercial crop and obligate the use of agrochemicals which the end market does not want in products destined for table consumption.

The use of products such as MALAHIERBA® horticultural netting enables one to avoid the use of these agrochemicals such as herbicides and leads to the high price at which organic produce can be offered to the consumer.

Malahierba ground cover
Con MALAHIERBA® groundcover evitas que la maleza le robe nutrientes a tus cultivos.
  • Cubierta Ground Cover, Tejido Geotextil Control Anti Maleza color negro, tejido ground cover
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    Ground Cover, Black Weed Control Geotextile Fabric

    MXN $405.92MXN $6,918.82 (I.V.A. Incluido)
  • Ground Cover, Cubierta Antimaleza Reflectante Inteligente color blanco, malla ground cover blanca, ground cover antimaleza
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    Ground Cover, White Reflective Anti-Weed Cover

    MXN $405.92MXN $3,459.41 (I.V.A. Incluido)

OBAMALLA® SHADE CLOTH for shade houses or greenhouses increases the profitability of commercial vegetable crops such as chili peppers.

The objective of cropping on a large scale using greenhouses, shade houses, or high tunnels is that of creating the climatic factors (temperature, day/night temperature differential, humidity, light spectrum, and solar intensity) that are the most favorable in order for the plants to develop as rapidly as possible producing the maximum quantity of high quality fruit for the longest amount of time permitted by the particular variety. Each crop needs a specific shade cloth in order to achieve optimal results.

Especially in tropical and subtropical climates, the ability to control the amount of light getting to the crop by using a shade cloth with the appropriate shading percentage and installed at the appropriate height (it needs to be remembered that the thermal cushion effect of a shade cloth is very important if the desired result is to be achieved) is the perfect way for providing your crop with the ideal temperature and amount of sunlight without causing temperature or water stress.

Controlling the light that affects our crops

The other important function of shade cloth is reducing the temperature differential between daytime highs and nighttime lows, since a large differential can damage the skins of the fruits. Managing to maintain the crop within a temperature range (the range will vary with the variety that was planted) is essential in order for the plant to continue adding weight to its fruits rather than recuperating from drastic temperature changes. 

Another little-known factor is recreating the light spectrum so as to be appropriate for various crops in their different growth stages. Ask us about the OBAMALLA® photoselective shade cloths. These can provide the most favorable color for tampering with or altering the light spectrum so that the resulting photosynthesis will maintain your plants in vegetative growth or add degrees brix to their fruits.

OBAMALLA® shade cloths for horticultural use come in 35% or 50% shading. For commercial crops the strands are much thicker so that it will last for many years under direct sunlight. We have clients that continue using them after more than eight years as screens over greenhouses. The other higher-shading percentage cloths are those used for greenhouses.

The polymers, UV treatments, and antioxidants selected for OBAMALLA® are the best available on the European market. You can choose with confidence since HORTOMALLAS® products are for growers who are pros.

Malla sombra
Una de las mejores formas de controlar el desarrollo de tus cultivos es manipulando la luz necesaria para ellos, lo cual se puede lograr con malla sombra OBAMALLA.
  • Malla Tejida de Sombreo
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    Woven Shading Net for House Shade, Color Black (1.7oz Shade coverage 50%)

    MXN $305.14MXN $7,928.98 (I.V.A. Incluido)
  • OBAMALLA Malla Media Sombra
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    Medium Shade Netting Raschel For Crops, Color Black (1.4oz Shade coverage 35%)

    MXN $244.12MXN $6,411.42 (I.V.A. Incluido)


Applying a frost (or thermal) blanket, in the case of a young crop, seems almost imperative. When it is young is when the produce plant is most vulnerable to diseases transmitted by insects or to being eaten by insects and caterpillars in the initial growth stage. A frost blanket has the benefit of protecting against both insects and frost. A frost blanket creates a thermal cushion underneath it at night by trapping the IR (infrared) radiation from the ground which had accumulated there during the day. This pocket of warmer air prevents nighttime frost from forming on the leaves and burning them with frostbite from springtime frosts.
The other advantage of INVERNAVELO® is that it allows the grower to advance harvest by some weeks. By being able to market the produce ahead of other growers, a price advantage is realized. Being able to market ahead of others, means taking advantage of prices that are much higher than they are once when all the surrounding agricultural zones begin harvesting at the same time and all their produce hits the produce market.
The INVERNAVELO® fabric can be used to very easily make micro-tunnels using rods, heavy wire, or wooden stakes or by placing it directly on top of a row of plants. These plants can have been recently transplanted or be fully grown with their seeds already on the ground. This method of direct application is used a lot with melons. Applying agrochemicals isn’t a problem since the pores of the INVERNAVELO® fabric allow mist to pass through.

Manta térmica
Las heladas dejan de ser un problema con la protección térmica INVERNAVELO.
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    Floating Cover, Thermal Fabric for Crop Protection (19gr / m2)

    MXN $250.08MXN $5,955.24 (I.V.A. Incluido)
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    Thermal Blanket Frost Protection Fabric for Crop Protection (15gr / m2)

    MXN $534.19MXN $2,413.88 (I.V.A. Incluido)

To guard against hail damage to crops, the GRANITA® ANTI-HAIL NETTING provides protection from the devastation caused by a storm.

The most unforeseeable and feared element by farmers is hail, especially those agrarian businessmen with a single annual harvest that falls exactly during early summer [in Mexico] when cold air colliding with warm fronts causes hail to fall. This atmospheric phenomenon can destroy in a matter of minutes all the efforts and investment of an entire year. Many farmers have gone under when, just as their crop is in full bloom or about ready to be harvested, they suddenly get hammered by falling ice.

The GRANITA® anti-hail netting gets installed on structures that are like gable roofs (permitting the hail to slide down to an edge away from the plant) that cover all the rows of trees. An elastic tensioning mechanism is used to keep the netting stretched out, but which allows the hail to fall when it accumulates. The same anti-hail horticultural netting can serve as bird netting in vineyards where the vineyard keeper would like to protect table grapes or a very prestigious variety for wine making.

Once stretched out over the structural skeleton, these horticultural nettings will protect the crop from budding until harvest. Once they are no longer needed, they can be taken down again and stored in a shed in order to have them last longer, or they can be bundled and tied up on top of the support structure

Red anti granizo
Con instalación la Red GRANITA® anti granizo, la granizad no volverá a ser un problema.
  • GRANITA Tela Protección de Granizo
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    GRANITE Anti Hail Netting 6.4×76.2m Green color (1.8×6.8mm mesh)

    MXN $9,009.48 (I.V.A. Incluido)
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    Hail Control Netting 5.2×91.5m Translucent White color (1.8×6.8mm mesh)

    MXN $9,009.48 (I.V.A. Incluido)

For mandarins and tangerines with a higher selling price, ABEMALLA® anti-pollination netting is required since it reduces or completely eliminates the presence of seeds in citric fruits.

The ABEMALLA® anti-pollination netting prevents pollination by means of insect pollinators in crops of high-quality citrus. Managing to harvest and sell seedless mandarins and tangerines means, at the least, doubling the selling price and positioning yourself in a luxury segment of the market where the client prefers paying a premium for not needing to do battle with the seeds and the bitter taste that they cause.

ABEMALLA® horticultural netting gets placed directly on top of the row of trees. The netting should touch the ground where workers can anchor it with a shovelful of dirt to prevent the wind from lifting it. Once flowering is completed, it is taken down and stored in a shed until the next year.

The mesh of the netting is fine enough to prevent pollinating insects from passing through but coarse enough so that light and air can pass through without affecting crop moisture or causing the accumulation of condensation and pathogenic fungus. The mesh of the netting allows for the application of agrochemicals since mist passes through with no problem.

Aumentar el costo de tus cultivos, al evitar la polinización de las abejas, es posible gracias a la red ABEMALLA.
Aumentar el costo de tus cultivos, al evitar la polinización de las abejas, es posible gracias a la red ABEMALLA.
  • ABEMALLA Malla para Crianza de Abejas
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    Anti-bee Netting 6.4×76.2m green color (1.8×6.8mm mesh)

    MXN $9,009.48 (I.V.A. Incluido)
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    Anti Pollination Net 5.2×91.5m Translucent White color (1.8×6.8mm mesh)

    MXN $9,009.48 (I.V.A. Incluido)