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How Many Times can HORTOMALLAS, crop support netting, be re-used?

This is is an example of a VERY profitable crop using HORTOMALLAS crop support netting many times over!

In these pictures you can see pole beans almost ready to be harvested, this is the second crop grown in the same furrow, using the same mulch, irrigation, trellis net and posts.  The previous crop  (as you may notice from the leaves and fruits on the ground) had been cucumber.

Tutoreo de planta de frijol de guía usando Hortomallas en vertical

Once you are done harvesting the first crop, you simply cut the plants leaving them to dry on HORTOMALLAS trellis net for a few weeks.  During the first new moon you plant directly into the ground the bean seeds using the same orifices used for the previous cucumber crop.

Tutoreo de planta de frijol de guía usando Hortomallas en verticalAs soon as the bean  plant starts emerging from the ground you may pull the old dried cucumber plant off HORTOMALLAS vegetable support net.  The cycle is then repeated again with cucumber (nursery grown plants or from seeds) since the leguminose waste of the previous bean crop (they fix nitrogen to the soil) will help fertilize and recover the earth used as medium.  You may continue this endless cycle until climatic or phytosanitary conditions allow it or will be better to let the parcel rest a few cycles.   In the image you may see how the grower in this example decided not to use a tension string on top of the net in between posts, since the HORTOMALLAS mesh itself is strong enough to support many crops while the net itself acts as a tensioner.  further increasing the economic advantages and savings of this type of vegetable support system and tutor!

This crop rotation also works with solonaceaes/cucurbitaceae/legumes alternating the three species (while always taking advantage of the permanent infrastructure) as long as the conditions allow it.

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