HORTOMALLAS trellis netting sale policy

cultivo de chayote
A chayote crop being grown with the help of HORTOMALLAS® horticulture netting.

How the HORTOMALLAS® Trellis Netting Sale Works

HORTOMALLAS® offers a lowest price guarantee for its horticulture netting.  This guarantee protects the buyer in the event of finding out after the purchase that the product is available elsewhere at a better price and this gives the buyer peace of mind.  The guarantee states:  If within 30 days of purchase, you find a better price elsewhere for a comparable product, we will refund the difference to you plus an additional 33% and thank you for the opportunity for making ourselves better.

That way you don’t need to worry:  what you spend is protected by the HORTOMALLAS® lowest-cost sales policy.  We can do this since we are very efficient in production, logistics, and sales which means that we don’t have costs from waste or downtime that need to be passed on to the customer.  We are confident that we can provide the best product at the lowest price to be found and, if that is not the case, we thank the customer who points it out to us so that we can recalibrate.  We fabricate and produce a limited number of products but are convinced that nobody, for the ones that we do make, can beat us in quality and, for sure not, in price.  Just ask us for a quote and see if it isn’t true!

malla espaldera rafia
Trellising with natural-fiber twine is risky since the twine only needs to tear at one point in the webbing for the whole trellis to be damaged.  By contrast, when trellising with HORTOMALLAS® horticulture netting, if a strand breaks or gets cut somewhere, the rest of the netting is not compromised.


HORTOMALLAS® products are a perfect complement for those who sell seeds, agrochemicals, or agricultural plastic products.  It is a high rotation product that is nonperishable.  This means that, even if a season for selling it goes by, it can still be sold the next season without having lost quality and no inventory is lost.  As with all [our] plastic products, quotes are made in USD or Euros.  Thus, a devaluation of the local currency has a positive affect on inventory value.  [Purchasing from] HORTOMALLAS® can be considered to be an investment.

Many ag supply stores and distributors rely on the good name of HORTOMALLAS® horticulture netting to bolster the rest of their product portfolio, since HORTOMALLAS® is the most recognizable brand in the plant-support sector and is replacing the use of twine for trellising.