HORTOMALLAS, the best price of tutoring netting

HORTOMALLAS has the best price of tutoring netting with the guarantee of a durable and resistant product.

HORTOMALLAS is specially designed to support climbing plants. The price of the mesh tutoring trellis varies according to the amplitude of the square through which vegetables and flowers are guided for a healthier growth.

price of tutoring netting
The HORTOMALLAS net provides an ideal support for your crops to obtain the desired growth.

The width of the HORTOMALLAS square, 25 cm by 25 cm is ideal, because the hands can comfortably pass from one side of the mesh to the other, facilitating pruning and harvesting. The worker can be on one side or the other of the groove and be able to perform the maintenance operations of the plants quickly and comfortably. The price of tutoring netting is fast amortized thanks to the simple fact of obtaining a saving in labor. On the one hand the installation only requires two operators per hectare per day. On the other hand with HORTOMALLAS the plants are more ordered and the fruits stand out more, allowing to harvest in less time without mistakes in cutting and consequent damage risk of the fruits.

The benefits in plant growth and yield are remarkable. On the one hand the use of the tutoring netting allows a more complete exposure to light. As a consequence photosynthetic activity increases and the fruits receive more energy. On the other hand the vegetal material comes distributed and separated through which more air circulates. Better aeration of the plants corresponds to a decrease in humidity. As a result, the environment is less conducive to disease development, since bacteria, insects and fungi need moisture to multiply and affect plants.

Thanks to a healthier phytosanitary environment, it is possible to use fewer pesticides and grow more environmentally friendly fruits.

All these advantages at a price of tutoring trellis to make it very competitive, make HORTOMALLAS the very best system to improve the harvest.

double wall for vertical trellis support
The vertical support reduces the space of the crop.

Tutoring netting can be used vertically, as a spalier, favoring vertical growth. Most solanaceae and cucurbitaceae can be cultivated on the basis of this tutoring growing system. The mesh can also be used horizontally in floriculture applications. In this case the flowers with a tall and delicate stem are supported by HORTOMALLAS. Thus they can concentrate their energy in the flower keeping itself well erected thanks to the structure of support. This feature is much sought after in the market and justifies widely paying the cost of the tutoring netting.

Irrigation is easier when the plant grows on a support system because the water goes directly to the root without wetting the leaves and without increasing the humidity that predisposes to the spread of diseases.

horizontal trellis support using HORTOMALLAS
Compared to raffia, the hortomallas network reduces installation time, providing better results.

In horticulture as well as floriculture is very common the use of raffia to create structures of plants support. Only HORTOMALLA tutoring net is worth its price. In particular raffia requires a lot of time and experience to be able to make a complete installation.

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