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Sometimes we see some woven and knotted fishing nets being used as trellis netting instead of the more popular extruded bi-oriented net.  These knotted nets are made out of a twisted multi-filament twine that is more commonly used for fishing and fisheries underwater with low UV direct exposure.  On the contrary, a trellis netting is […]

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Raffia requires cutting down too many posts and stakes, using HORTOMALLAS® one may reduce the number of posts needed for trellising crops It has been proven over years of empirical experience that farmers are able to reduce the number of posts and stakes they need in order to support their vegetable crops when using HORTOMALLAS® […]

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In this article we explain why we chose to manufacture HORTOMALLAS® in white, and why a white trellis netting is your best choice! Which is the best color for a trellis net or flower tutor net?  White Trellis Netting? How to decide!? BLACK is the color that contains the best UV stabilizer for polymers against […]

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Contrary to what we might think at simple sight and logic, having a two strands edge almost near each others at the extremities of the trellis net is not an advantage or a sign of quality, on the contrary it proves this product was manufactured with 1960s technology, if some day you run into this […]

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HORTOMALLAS® gives you tips on how to recognize a good trellis net and spot a poor quality one, as a poorly manufactured product will cause enormous damages to your crops as it can collapse and destroy months of work and the possibility to make money! Firstly one must understand that polypropylene is the best type […]

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HORTOMALLAS´ large mesh size facilitates pruning and harvesting. With the introduction of a large mesh size, HORTOMALLAS® is the leader when it comes to vegetable plant support, our team of agronomists studied various cases of traditional plant support needs and determined that the best mesh design has a larger 25x25cm square mesh opening as this […]

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