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Trellis net for vegetables in greenhouses and open field.

High density sowing is possible by using HORTOMALLAS trellis net. HORTOMALLAS presents this excellent introductory article on its trellis net and plant support system for vegetable like tomato and cucumber, whether they are cultivated in greenhouse or the open field. Vegetable plant tutoring (specially using trellis net) aims to keep plants straight and to support […]

The use of Bird Netting in Agriculture and Urban Settings.   Types of Nets and Their Purpose Bird netting has been applied in public and the private sector in rural and urban areas. Basically, it is a simple technique of stretching the net over certain surfaces to protect them from bird pest. The variety of […]

With the shade netting for domes and a simple structure, it is possible, easily and quickly, to create domes and awnings for decks to protect any area from the sun. Domes are vaulted structures. Underneath the domes, the interior is perceived as broader because it is characterized by curved shapes which in themselves convey a […]

Do you want to create shade for patio? Whether it is necessary to lower the temperature and refresh the patio or because you want to add a natural touch, we explain how to create a shade for patio in a few simple steps. Using the HORTOMALLAS plastic net, made of 25 cm x 25 cm […]

The Benefits of Using Trellis Netting and Insect Barrier Growing crops is not easy because there are a lot of things that should be taken care of before even planting your first seeds or roots. You need space and you must make sure that your garden is protected from certain harmful elements like insects, other […]

How to make your garden productive by using a tomato-ring   Tomatoes are one of the most sought-after vegetables as they are a common ingredient in most dishes and even in the most simple salads. Most households see this plant as a must-have not only in their kitchens, but even in their gardens. However, not […]