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Save time and money: use MALLAJUANA Scrog Net to easily create the screen for your Scrog. What is the Scrog method for? S.C.R.O.G. is the acronym which means Screen of Green used to define the scrog net. The purpose of the Scrog netting method is to bring the lower buds up to the netting, so […]

Find here the advantages of SCROG net on your hemp fields. The scrog netting method helps the growers to train the plants to reach an optimal light exposure. The scrog netting method consists of using plastic nets to make the screen that guide the plants to achieve the best vegetative development. Some varieties of medical […]

This is why you need MallaJuana SCROG net. The SCROG or Screen-of-Green support aims to produce fewer plants, but with a bigger and more uniform canopy. Thanks to the Screen-of-Green support net more branches get the right amount of light even within a limited cultivation area. Scrog method is especially used indoor, where space is […]

Aviary mesh: plastic net versus aluminium net. Hortomallas aviary mesh is the most effective method to keep birds away from the areas you want to protect. It is as strong as steel mesh but more economical than aluminium mesh. In fact it is manufactured from high density extruded polyethylene, through a process of biaxially orientation. […]

Avian bird control is a major concern both in urban and in rural areas. In fact, even if birds can be useful to maintain the right balance of insects in the cultivated fields, they can also be very dangerous. Essentially they move in large groups and frequently massively assault the crops. For example starlings, black […]


Water stress in Solanceae reduces profitability Horticultural support netting creates the right conditions to enable water stress to be reduced on crops of serrano pepper chilies (capisicum annuum L.). During its development stages when the plant finds water available, it readily absorbs it through its roots (a recurring topic of interest for those who work […]