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Horticultural Espalier – Benefits And Ideas

Reasons to try Horticultural espalier

Horticultural espalier started a long time ago. It is an ancient horticultural practice that involves pruning and training of trees or shrubs to grow flat against a support. This usually creates a living sculpture. In the past, espaliering was a horticultural practice use to create outdoor walls in places like Europe and of course during the Middle Ages. It was planted out in walls of interior courtyards to prevent late frost bud-kill. Some records have also traced this technique to ancient Egypt where espaliered fit trees were discovered in tombs dating back to about 1400 B.C. Espalier is a French word which normally referred to the support or trellis upon which trees were grown; today, this term refers to the technique itself.

The question is why should horticultural espaliering be given any thought? The answer is simple. First of all, there isn’t any reason not to try this technique. However, some of the benefits include:

  • Growing fruits at home in narrow space

The thought of growing your own fruits at home is in itself satisfying. You are not limited by space and can simply cultivate your fruits in your mini garden. Sounds great! Everybody wants to own garden of fruits but some feel limited by space. This technique is very simple and doesn’t require any special skill to execute successfully.

  • Picking of fruits is easy

Picking of the fruits is very easy. You do not require any ladder to access the fruits. You could also see the fruits clearly and identify which one is ripe for harvesting, unlike when the fruits are allowed to run on the ground.

  • Make your garden look appealing

If you want to make your neighbor jealous, horticultural espalier is what you should be thinking of. It gives a little bit of striking garden artistry that will leave your neighbors and passers-by astonished.

Where your espaliered tree should be planted

The first thing you must consider is location. In fact, it is the key. The spot should be well drained and should also receive full sun. The full sun in question means the area should enjoy at least six hours of sunlight every day. You would also need approximately 8 feet of linear space too. However, horticultural espaliered trees can be grown:

  • Against a trellis, fence or pergola
  • Against a wall which is usually brick or stucco
  • Across some set of free standing posts and wires. The poles should be sturdy.

This technique is very simple but requires some understanding to execute. You can study and apply it to your garden to enhance the beauty of your landscape and cultivate more fruits for you and your family to enjoy.

Horticultural espalier


HORTOMALLAS produce y promueve mallas agrícolas (espaldera, entutorado y soporte de hortalizas) que mejoran la calidad de los cultivos. Nuestra Misión es: AUMENTAR LA RENTABILIDAD DE LOS CULTIVOS DE HORTALIZAS QUE NECESITEN TUTOREO Y SOPORTE USANDO MALLAS EN LUGAR DE RAFIA TENDIDA MANUALMENTE Desde 1994 ayudamos agricultores a mejorar sus cultivos de pepinos, tomates, melones, calabazas, frijoles, chiles, pimientos y mas hortalizas que necesiten espalderas. HORTOMALLAS es un sistema perfecto para que las cucurbitaceas y solonaceas tengan mejores condiciones fitosanitarias, incrementando exposición solar y grados brix. A parte el obvio decremento del costo de la mano de obra y de agroquímicos, usando HORTOMALLAS se logra extender la vida util de la planta, así permitiendo cosechar mas producto y de mejor calidad! Hablenos, nuestros agronomos les brindarán atención especializada en toda Iberia y las Américas!

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